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Packing belt installation of automatic belt beating machine

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I don’t know whether the full-automatic packer you asked is semi-automatic. Here is a brief introduction to the installation of the packing belt of the high-rise semi-automatic packer; Generally speaking, before operation, you need to first determine whether the packer you are using is in normal working state, and ensure that your body does not touch any part of the packer or packing belt during operation. Safety first, and then the specific operation: in order to prevent the belt coil from being loose, do not disassemble the packaging paper and thread before installing the packing belt coil, put it on the belt tray of the packer, and then disassemble it, and remove the empty belt coil, Put the reel into the reel, install it again and lock it, then lead one end of the packing belt out of the reel and pass through the guide rod, guide pulley and door hole Until it passes through the desktop of the semi-automatic packer, the threading problem of the high-rise semi-automatic packer is basically completed. Reference: how to wear packing belt in packer

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