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Order plastic bags, customize plastic bags, ask the processing price of plastic bags, find plastic bag manufacturers | plastic bag printing, what common sense do you need to know? Please, everybody

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users should first understand some basic knowledge when ordering plastic bags from plastic bag manufacturers. Don’t make you restless because the customer service of the plastic bag manufacturer asks you questions one by one, and keep asking ‘how much is this one?’. When users ask about the price of plastic bags, they will be asked many questions by customer service. These questions are relevant and necessary, and are important factors affecting the price of plastic bags. It mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Plastic bag style. Plastic bags have a variety of styles. The manufacturing difficulty, production process and production efficiency of different styles of plastic bags are different. Flat pockets, buckle handbags (perforated type) and vest bags can be produced quickly by machines with high production efficiency and slightly cheaper price. Some special styles, such as large square bottom plastic bags, rope bags, handbags, air cushion membrane bags, special-shaped bags, screen printing bags, etc., need to be made by hand. The production efficiency is low, and the price will be higher. 2. There are great differences in the prices of new materials, recycled materials and filling materials of plastic bags. The quality of processed products (color, tension and hygienic standards) varies greatly, and the prices will be essentially different. 3. The size of the plastic bag should be the exact size in cm, including the length, width and side width of the plastic bag. “Approximate data” is inaccurate data, which will lead to inaccurate quotation. Therefore, the price of this plastic bag factory is high and that of that plastic bag factory is low. 4. The material thickness of plastic bags is the most critical factor. For plastic bags of the same size, the price of 5-wire and 10 wire thickness is almost doubled (relatively speaking, the price difference of machine-made plastic bags is very large, and the price difference of handmade plastic bags is slightly small). General users have a poor concept of “how much silk is thick”. It is often inaccurate to say “almost the same thickness as that plastic bag”. For inexperienced users, it is difficult to determine the thickness of plastic film by “hand feeling”, so it is more reliable to tell customer service “purpose and weighing requirements of plastic bags” and listen to their suggestions. 5. The printing patterns of plastic bags can be expressed as “single color single-sided printing”, “single color double-sided printing”, “two-color single-sided printing”, “two-color double-sided printing” and printing colors. One plate is needed for monochrome printing, and two plates are needed for two-color printing. If there are special color printing, such as silver, gold, etc., the price will be much higher. It should be announced in advance, otherwise there will be the phenomenon of “plastic bag manufacturers breaking their promises after quoting”. 6. The quantity of plastic bags made to order is different according to different styles and specifications. The customer service will tell the customer that it’s difficult to make a price first, and then let me confirm the quantity of plastic bags. Customer service asked about the customized quantity for two reasons. First, ordering plastic bags involves the problem of “starting order quantity”. When making 1000 bags and 10000 bags, debugging the machine wastes almost as much raw materials. If the order is less than the minimum order, the waste ratio will be amazing, and the price of plastic bags will be ridiculously high, which you won’t accept. 2、 Plastic bag manufacturers are generally customized according to user requirements, rather than producing one or several specifications of products in the warehouse, waiting for wholesale. As can be seen from the above problems, ordering plastic bags is still “troublesome”. Unless the customer service gives you a price, please don’t ask “how much is a plastic bag” every time; It’s easy to put forward your quality requirements for plastic bags and listen to the suggestions of customer service. Order packaging products, find plastic bag manufacturer = = = Guanghe plastic bag factory “buy Bags” editor.

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