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Operation procedure of single chamber vacuum packaging machine

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1. Power on: turn the power selection switch as needed, that is, the power indicator light is on The power selection switch points to vacuum for vacuum sealing, and points to vacuum inflation for vacuum inflation sealing
2. Place the plastic bag containing articles in the vacuum chamber, place the bag mouth neatly on the heat seal and put an air nozzle on it
3. Press down the machine cover and the air extraction (vacuum) indicator light on the panel is on. When the vacuum pump starts pumping, the machine cover is automatically sucked. The vacuum pumping knob can adjust the vacuum degree according to the packaging requirements. During the adjustment, the range should be small according to the scale from low to high
4. When the pumping reaches the set time, that is, the required vacuum degree, the pumping ends
5. When the air extraction is completed, the indicator light goes out and the heat seal indicator light is on, that is, the inflation action is entered
6. After the inflation reaches the set time, enter the sealing procedure, and set the heat sealing time on the panel to adapt to different thickness materials. When adjusting the time, the rotation range should be small to prevent the sudden increase of heat sealing temperature and burning of heat sealing accessories
7. When the heat sealing time is reached, the heat sealing indicator light goes out to indicate the end of the heat sealing. The vacuum chamber is automatically connected to the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the machine cover is lifted automatically, and the vacuum packaging process is all completed, ready for the next packaging cycle

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