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Office consumables list? What are the office consumables?

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Detailed list

the list and specific contents of office consumables are as follows:

A, office equipment
safe, whiteboard, label machine, fax machine, printer, telephone, copier, attendance machine,
cash register, shredder, binding machine, plastic sealing machine, hot melt machine, film machine, check printer, key box, cash counting and checking machine,
electronic whiteboard, projector, slide projector, typewriter, all-in-one machine, iron cabinet Air purifier, gluing machine

b, computer consumables

all kinds of original and brand toner cartridges, ink cartridges, printer filling ink, floppy disks, recording disks, mouse pads, health disks, computer cleaning supplies, headphones)

C, digital series

U disk, MP3 player, digital recording pen, mobile hard disk, digital camera

D, office paper

copy paper, printing paper Fax paper, photo paper, cashier paper, color spray paper, letter paper /manuscript paper, wrapping paper,
cardboard, sea newspaper, leather paper, rice paper, business card paper, other paper products

e, office pen

whiteboard pen, pen, marker, brush, signature pen, highlighter, round ball pen, neutral pen, desk pen, refill,
pencil, lead, laser pen, drawing pen, paint pen, CD-ROM pen Chalk

F, financial supplies

counting cash detector, number machine, portable vault, seal box, voucher voucher, form, document, file supplies, carbon paper,
financial accessories, account core, account book, printing pad, printing oil, atomic seal, runner seal, combined seal, envelope stationery

G, books and books

Notepad, diary, universal manual, guest sign in book, address book Telephone book, loose leaf book

H, desktop supplies

pen holder, pen holder, punch, globe, magnifying glass, calendar holder, wet finger, book stand, document rack, writing board,
notice sticker, label series, note paper, stapler, nailer, tape /double-sided adhesive, correction fluid, correction tape, glue /glue stick,
business card box, business card book, pen sharpener, penknife, pen box, pen bag, eraser Wallpaper knife, scissors, backing plate, three needles and one nail

I, data management

file cabinet, file basket, file tray, newspaper rack, magazine rack, display rack, document basket, file box

J, folder book

board clip, briefcase, ID card, data book, spring clip, punching clip, draw rod clip, file sleeve, photo album, business card book,
bill clip, zipper bag, snap bag File bag

k, surveying and mapping supplies

drawing pen, drawing rubber, drawing template, drawing compass, surveying and mapping ruler

L, binding supplies

binding film, binding clip, binding rubber ring, hot-melt envelope, cover paper, binding machine, hot-melt machine, voucher binding machine, plastic sealing film

m, daily labor protection

daily chemical cleaning supplies, labor protection supplies, food /drink, household paper Paper cups, light bulbs, certificates, awards, films,
signs, power sockets, batteries

N, business gifts

desk furnishings

services (maintenance of computers, printers and fax machines, production of business cards, chest cards, cloth labels and bronze medals, digital color printing,
text binding and text entry

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ink cartridge, printing paper, toner cartridge, office gadgets (pens, etc.) are consumables related to office use, which belong to office consumables

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ah, that’s more
What are the original consumables of printing equipment, stationery, tables and chairs, etc.
these office related consumables are all office consumables
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