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Nitrogen filled packaging cost? quality guarantee period?

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Can nitrogen filled packaging be used for any food? How long can the shelf life be extended? For example, the shelf life of air packaging is ten days, one month, half a year, one year, three years and five years respectively. What is the shelf life of food after nitrogen filled packaging?

nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react with objects, so any object can be filled with nitrogen
however, nitrogen only plays a filling role in the packaging process, so many items do not need to be filled with nitrogen. Vacuum packaging is OK, only some fragile items, such as potato chips and chips
another function is compression resistance. After nitrogen filling, a positive pressure is formed inside the bag to prevent the outside air and moisture from entering the bag, so as to play a protective role.

nitrogen is an inert gas. It plays a role in ensuring the quality of food from nitrogen, which is characterized by the fact that the inert gas of nitrogen is not easy to react with oxygen and other substances. In fact, many inflatable packages are neither nitrogen filled nor inflatable, although they look bulging. There is air in it, but it’s just air. It’s the effect of automatic packaging machine, squeezing and retaining the air in the packaging. Nitrogen filled packaging should meet many specific conditions, one is the purity of nitrogen, the other is the high barrier performance of packaging. I guess your concern about nitrogen filled packaging points to food packaging such as egg yolk pie. I can tell you responsibly that there are almost no such foods that are still using nitrogen filled packaging. Nitrogen filled packaging generally appears on chestnuts, lotus seeds and other foods that need high-temperature cooking and sterilization. The material structure of this kind of packaging is generally aluminum foil with high barrier, The purpose of filling nitrogen is more to avoid crushing and damaging the shape of food.

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