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Nanlong, the character and experience of the former chairman of Donghua

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Nanlong was born in Yanji City, Jilin Province in 1959

after graduating from Yanji No. 6 middle school in 1975, Nanlong obtained an electrician certificate and became a second-class electrician in Yanji automobile repair factory run by the sub district office. Nanlong cherished this first job very much, studied the business assiduously, and soon became the business leader of the factory

in 1980, Nanlong was admitted to the Japanese Department of Sun Yat sen University with excellent results and began to show business wisdom

after graduating from university in 1984, Nanlong was assigned to teach in the Japanese Department of Beijing North University of technology. However, Nanlong’s mind is still focused on shopping malls. Until March 1986, with enthusiasm and perseverance, Nanlong was appreciated by section chief Ni of the personnel department of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, successfully entered the largest department responsible for the import and export of steel and mineral products of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation at that time, and achieved excellent results

in 1988, shortly after his wedding, in order to achieve his goal of doing a great career, Nanlong resolutely gave up the superior conditions and treatment of the company, resigned and embarked on the road to Japan. In November 1988, Nanlong studied abroad in the Department of education of Yokohama National University and worked as a part-time business minister in Yongxiang Co., Ltd. in Japan in his spare time. Nanlong’s accession has brought a lot of business to Yongxiang Co., Ltd. and the company’s performance has been improved rapidly. Therefore, he has established a high reputation in the Japanese steel industry

in June 1989, China’s export of raw materials to foreign countries was restricted by sanctions, and the supply of raw materials by Japanese and Korean enterprises was basically interrupted due to the turmoil of the domestic school tide. However, Nanlong used domestic contacts and social relations to escort the supply of raw materials for his Japanese and Korean customers, reducing the losses of customers. Gradually, Nanlong established a high credit in the eyes of customers in Japan and South Korea

in January 1991, Nanlong’s son was born in Yokohama maternal and child health hospital. Having a son has strengthened Nanlong’s determination to open the company. In May of the same year, Nanlong established Dongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. in Yokohama, Japan. The East is the East, that is, China, which means vigorous development. Dongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the import and export trade of China, Japan and South Korea. Japan Dongsheng Trading Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Donghua original medical in today’s China
1992, Dongsheng trading company invested in the Tianjin bonded area to establish Tianjin Donghua international trade company, which is located in Landmark Towers near the the Great Wall hotel in East 3rd Ring Road, Beijing, mainly engaged in the import and export trade between Chinese mainland and Japan and Korea. At first, there were only three employees, including Nanlong himself, driver Bai Jianxun and a financial officer. A year later, with the expansion of business, Jiang Libin from Hunan joined the team

in 1994, Nanlong invested in hydrofluoric acid project in Zhangbei with his keen strategic vision, established Donghua Chemical Mine Co., Ltd. in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, produced and exported hydrofluoric acid and other products, and officially entered the manufacturing industry. In March of the same year, the phase I plant of Sino Japanese joint venture Zhangjiakou Donghua chemical and mineral Co., Ltd., adjacent to Zhangjiakou No. 2 chemical plant and covering an area of 15 mu with an investment of more than 5 million, was successfully completed, with Nanlong as the chairman

in 1995, Nanlong established Donghua metallurgical mine smelting Co., Ltd. in Yangquan City, Shanxi Province to produce metal silicon and export it abroad

in May 1998, Nanlong aimed at the domestic traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine market, established a research and development team, and the products developed for the first time began to appear on the market

in 2000, Nanlong established Beijing donghuayuan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. in Changping District, Beijing. Nanlong is the chairman and Jiang Libin is the general manager

in 2001, Beijing donghuayuan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. launched the closed decocting machine. After one year’s promotion, by the first half of 2002, the national top three hospitals basically used the closed decocting machine of donghuayuan. In the same year, donghuayuan’s atmospheric pressure 1 + 1 decocting and packaging machine was also developed

from September to October 2002, donghuayuan microcirculation 1 + 1 decocting machine came out. It is a conceptual breakthrough product. After its launch, it soon surpassed the same industry in South Korea and became a classic atmospheric model popular with drugstore users. The sales volume is gradually increasing every year, and it has successfully applied for national patents

from 2004 to 2005, Nanlong deployed and established an ISO9001 international quality standard and CE certification import team, which was specifically led by Jiang Libin. And passed ISO9001 certification in 2004. In 2005, Donghua passed CE certification, and its products have ID cards for export to Europe

from 2005 to 2008, Donghua completed the development and design of more than 10 new products, including 3 + 1 closed decocting machine, atmospheric pressure decocting machine, air disinfection machine, nutrient solution packaging machine, closed cycle electric extrusion decocting machine, atmospheric pressure double cycle 2 + 1 decocting machine and paste packaging machine. It won nearly more than 10 national patents, filled a number of domestic gaps, and paste packaging machine and other models also filled international gaps

by 2008, Donghua original medical has basically formed a camp of more than 30 products in 9 series, including atmospheric pressure machine, airtight machine, packaging machine and concentrated cream collector, so as to ensure the absolute dominant position of Donghua original products in the market and began to independently develop health examination equipment. In June of the same year, the proposal on the management norms of traditional Chinese medicine decoction room originally drafted by Donghua won the attention of the medical administration department of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine

in October 2010, the industrial standards of traditional Chinese medicine decoction packaging machine and traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine drafted by Donghua original company were officially implemented nationwide with the approval of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In the same year, Nanlong won the “2010 outstanding contribution award to the cause of traditional Chinese medicine”

at the end of 2011, Nanlong led a team to participate in the largest medical device exhibition in South Korea. There is only one foreign enterprise, donghuayuan

in December 2012, the draft national standard for traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine originally proposed by Donghua passed the examination and approval. On April 1, 2013, the national standard for traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine was officially promulgated and implemented after being examined by the National Standardization Committee and approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

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