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Maintenance of packaging machine

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1. The vacuum packaging machine should be used in an environment where the temperature is – 10 ℃ – 50 ℃, the relative humidity is no more than 85%, and there is no corrosive gas, dust and explosive danger in the surrounding air. Like the packer and shrinking machine, the vacuum packaging machine is a three-phase 380V power supply
2. In order to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump motor is not allowed to reverse. The oil level shall be checked frequently. The normal oil level is 1 /2-3 /4 of the oil window (no more than). When there is water in the vacuum pump or the oil color turns black, it shall be replaced with new oil (generally, it can be replaced once a month or two after continuous operation, and 1# vacuum gasoline or 30# gasoline and oil can also be used)
3. The impurity filter should be removed and washed frequently (usually once every 1-2 months. For example, the cleaning time of packaging debris should be shortened)
4. After continuous operation for 2-3 months, open the back cover 30, add lubricating oil to the sliding parts and switch bumps, and add lubricating oil to all connecting moving parts on the heating rod according to the use situation
5. Check the decompression, filtration and oil mist triplet 24 frequently to ensure that there is oil (sewing oil) in the oil mist and oil cup and there is no water in the filter cup
6. Keep the heating strip and silica gel strip clean and free of foreign matters, so as not to affect the sealing quality
7. The second layer of adhesive paste on the heating rod and under the heating sheet plays an insulating role. When it is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid short circuit
8. The user shall provide their own working air source and inflation air source. The working pressure of the vacuum packaging machine has been set to 0.3MPa, which is more appropriate. Do not adjust it too much without special circumstances
9. The vacuum packaging machine is not allowed to be placed obliquely and impacted during handling, let alone placed down for handling
10. The vacuum packaging machine must have a reliable grounding device during installation
11. It is forbidden to put your hand under the heating rod to prevent injury. In case of emergency, cut off the power supply immediately
12. Ventilate before power on during operation, and cut off power before gas during shutdown. Several key points of packaging machinery maintenance: cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and anti-corrosion. In the normal production process, each machine maintainer should strictly implement various maintenance work within the specified period according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the machine packaging equipment, reduce the wear speed of parts, eliminate the hidden danger of failure and prolong the service life of the machine
maintenance is divided into routine maintenance, regular maintenance (including first level maintenance, second level maintenance and third level maintenance) and special maintenance (including seasonal maintenance and out of service maintenance). Focusing on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and fastening, routine maintenance shall be carried out during and after the operation of the machine
the first level maintenance is carried out on the basis of routine maintenance. The key work is to lubricate, fasten and check all relevant parts and their cleaning
the second level maintenance focuses on inspection and adjustment. Check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components
the three-level maintenance focuses on detecting, adjusting, eliminating hidden troubles and balancing the wear degree of each component. The parts that affect the service performance of the equipment and the parts with fault symptoms shall be diagnosed, tested and checked, and then the necessary replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting shall be completed. It means that when the packaging equipment needs to be stopped for a period of time due to seasonal factors (such as winter break), cleaning, cosmetic surgery, supporting, anti-corrosion and other work should be done well
sealing and cutting method: bottom blade
maximum outer diameter of film roll: dia 250mm x W 470mm
production: 4-6 PCS /min electromagnet does not engage. The solution is: first check whether there is a problem inside or outside the host; Secondly, check the electromagnet safety tube, check whether the electromagnet has signs of power on, eliminate mechanical jamming, and detect the internal power supply when everything is normal; It is often encountered in weighing and packaging machines that the causes of this fault are: Sensor damage, bridge supply voltage fault, wrong line connection or interruption. The troubleshooting methods are: detect the load signal of the sensor, wiring or host, close to the bridge supply and amplification circuit or computer output display circuit, or remove the host, and apply the reset signal through internal short circuit to judge whether the fault is in the machine or from the switch, Then solve the problem

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