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Maintenance method of vacuum machine

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the bonding effect of vacuum packaging machine is not good. Maybe the temperature of the vacuum packaging machine is too high or not enough. Sometimes the special belt has poor viscosity, and the temperature must be very accurate. Maybe the voltage of vacuum packaging machine is not enough, and the voltage of many factories is often insufficient. If the extension cable or cable is used again, it will cause voltage drop, reduce the originally adjusted temperature, and even burn out when the motor is tied tightly. Therefore, try to avoid using cable. If the extension cable must be used, it must be connected with thicker and not too long wire. The 635 bearing under the middle knife may be broken, so it is heated and cannot be bonded at all. The vacuum electromechanical hot steel sheet may be too high and too low, or left and right, so it encounters the PP belt at the top and bottom, or the left and right tools, and cannot enter the heating. It must be adjusted according to the situation. The breeze fan for smoke exhaust may fail, making the temperature too high.

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 1. The voltage is too low and the fuse is blown out; 2. Dislocation of travel switch; 3. The pump or motor is stuck; 4. The plug-in of vacuum delayer is loose or damaged. In view of the above situation, we should use voltage regulators and replace fuses respectively; Adjust the position of travel switch; Find out the cause of the fault respectively, plug in the delay device or replace 

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