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Is it a troublemaker or a subversive

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troublemaker or subversive
2014-03-24 00:32
in the public view, paper enterprises are quite vague, although the information from this industry is mostly related to pollution; Similarly, people’s attention to the whole paper industry is not high, although this industry is closely related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. However, there is a phenomenon worthy of attention: the whole paper industry has been highly market-oriented, and private enterprises have become the main force of this industry; The strength pattern of a regional economy is often written on this paper. Therefore, the news that papermaking and wood processing industry will become the ninth 100 billion yuan industry in Guangxi may be some kind of annotation
just like the situation of steel and cement, paper enterprises have actually encountered the ceiling of the industry. Should the whole industry, which has experienced the pain of growth, continue to take the road of expansion or start real innovation and transformation? Some industry experts told reporters that the road of innovation in traditional industries is very difficult. Moreover, paper enterprises not only have the problems of environmental pressure and overcapacity, but also the fierce fight behind the serious homogenization of products
however, in such a gloomy haze day, when the reporter came to Weifang Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group, the appearance of printing machines in the paper factory was quite surprising. Chairman Wang Dongxing said: “from then on, we are service providers. This is the sunshine concept packaging solution!”
the reporter noticed that one of the two large “prepress” from Germany has been installed and is preparing to test run, and the second one is being installed and debugged and can be put into operation in June. For this “preprint center” with an investment of 500 million yuan, Wang Dongxing is driven by the heart of a dead man. The reason is very simple, because behind this carton printing project, the whole link from papermaking to preprint, from preprint to packaging production has been opened up, and a brand-new paper packaging business model has been born
is it a transformation of traditional industries from “selling paper” to “selling services”? Will the “printing and packaging” production line in paper mills trigger an industrial revolution<"It's a very sad time to sell homogenous paper." There is no need to elaborate on the current situation of the paper industry, Wang Dongxing told reporters
“to expand production capacity again must be to seek death. We can no longer do stupid things that kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred. Now the only way is to turn, adjust and create. Enterprises should transform, adjust structure and innovate technology.” Wang Dongxing obviously doesn’t think this is a fashionable slogan. He wants to extend the industrial chain in the existing product structure. “It’s not an ordinary extension, it’s a technological innovation in business model, and it’s revolutionary.”
after graduating from University, Wang Dongxing has been working in a paper mill, starting with workshop workers and becoming the deputy general manager of Chenming Group. He left Chenming without taking any products with him; When he was an independent enterprise, he presided over the R & D and production of high-grade coated white faced Kraft linerboard, which filled the gap in China and became “the first paper for China to go to the world”
“if only in terms of scale, century sunshine is not a big man. But we have our own differentiated products. To be honest, it is with such products that enterprises will survive the fierce market competition and become the leader of white coated kraft linerboard.” Facing today’s market position, Wang Dongxing is not excited because he has been following the century sunshine of differentiated development since the establishment of the enterprise, and finally can’t withstand the inertia pressure of profit decline. In short, the gross profit margin of enterprises is getting smaller and smaller
although the enterprise has the national first product patent, has the largest output in the country, is used for coated white faced Kraft linerboard for corrugated boxes, and is widely used by Qingdao beer, unified instant noodles, Wahaha and other fast-moving products leading enterprises, it is such a fist product that, like the unique product when the company was listed, it is difficult to make money in the end
“when I started my business, the supply of Bobbin Paper project was in short supply, and the profit was very rich. I made 1000 yuan a ton of paper, which was really profitable.” Wang Dongxing said, “I have more than 20 patents for a product. It was particularly easy in those years. The most expensive one was 5800 yuan per ton. Now it is 3800 yuan per ton, and some manufacturers also sell 3100 yuan. What is overcapacity? That’s it.”
avoid the competitive bulk mainstream paper such as coated paper, newsprint and white cardboard, and position the enterprise’s products as high-grade packaging carton paper. The century sunshine, which has been implementing the differentiation strategy, did not expect how to differentiate, and could not get rid of the dilemma of being imitated by other enterprises. Wang Dongxing can only deal with it with product innovation
Wang Dongxing sighed with emotion: “it is very difficult to create a variety. The innovative meal we ate a few years ago has now been followed by imitators and followers. What is the core competitiveness is the ability that the opponent is difficult to imitate. If it is easy to imitate, there will be no core competitiveness.”
the reporter noted that not only packaging paper, but also the whole papermaking, printing and packaging industry are actually facing the same survival threats and challenges. Among them, overcapacity and limited digestion channels are common; Behind the appearance of serious homogenization is that all competitors have the same process and equipment to produce the same products and compete for the same customers and raw materials. The only difference is the marketing method. The killer mace is price
there is only one result: the enterprise’s profits are getting thinner and thinner, including loss, bankruptcy and bankruptcy
even for large enterprises in the industry, price war is a conventional weapon. No matter how large, it is still a supplier in the paper industry chain
“being a supplier is too passive. What’s the meaning of such a price war? If you don’t innovate, you’ll be dead end.” Wang Dongxing said. Since 2006, he has been looking for a different development path in the industry from the United States to Germany
the supplier has had enough hardships. He wants to lead century sunshine to find a new way of life
there is no secret in the carton
ran through thousands of customers at home and abroad, and even squatted at the door of others. Wang Dongxing’s goal is very clear: where are the profits hidden in the process of turning packaging paper into packaging boxes
in Germany, he got the answer: in the whole process from papermaking to packaging, printing is the most profitable. The secret of profit is not inside the carton, but outside printing. The profit source can be seen, but how to realize it is still not related to the current situation of the industry
the reason is very simple. The current situation of the carton industry is in sympathy with the upstream papermaking industry. First of all, there are a large number of enterprises in this industry, but the scale of enterprises is small and quite scattered. There are 40000 enterprises in the whole industry, among which the largest enterprise has an annual sales revenue of 2 billion yuan, less than a medium-sized paper mill; Secondly, the technical level and production efficiency of the industry are low, the process is backward, the standards are not unified, and the waste of resources is prominent; The key is that carton manufacturing enterprises are sub
ject to both customers and paper mills, and their economic benefits are under pressure. It is conceivable that their survival is difficult. We can hear the news of the closure of carton factories almost every day
at the same time, a number of large FMCG enterprises are also dissatisfied. Due to the production bases all over the country and the small supply radius of cartons, carton enterprises are generally small in scale. It is difficult to ensure the needs of users in terms of supply capacity, quality and standards, let alone provide diversified and personalized demands of products. Therefore, some large fast-moving goods enterprises have to be tired of dealing with dozens or even hundreds of carton suppliers all over the country, which has become a common headache for fast-moving goods enterprises
based on this, Wang Dongxing believes that the key reason why carton manufacturers have not made money is that they do not have advantages in technology, mode and strength, and cannot form the ability to serve large customers. As a paper mill, century sunshine just has the advantages of raw materials and capital. Coupled with the advanced pre printing equipment and technology from abroad, all he needs is to create a business model to open up the whole industrial chain. Through the integration of advantageous resources in papermaking and packaging industries, it is a subversive and new carton packaging business model. The so-called innovation can start with this
be a subversive if you want to do it
after several years of investigation and repeated demonstration, the printing production line in the paper mill seems a little casual to many people in the industry who are committed to increasing the scale. Because, as a paper mill with only one piece of paper production, that is, an investment of more than one billion and several billion yuan, the small industry of carton factory is invisible. However, Wang Dongxing has made a market investigation on a small carton for more than five years. He is determined to make great efforts in this “small industry”
the reason why this innovative project is called “new concept packaging” is to subvert the traditional model and give carton production a new concept. First, a global “new concept packaging design center” was established in Shanghai to provide value-added services such as functional design and decoration design at the front end of carton production; Then the introduction and innovation of equipment and technology and the resource integration in the form of industrial chain alliance form a new carton production model. His description of the business model is: Taking “creative design” as the guide, relying on “preprint and technological innovation”, taking “process integration and reengineering” as the means and “collaborative alliance” as the guarantee, to provide end customers with “one-stop printing and packaging overall solutions from papermaking, creative design, printing, packaging and logistics”. So as to realize the strategic transformation from a simple packaging paper manufacturer to a service provider providing overall carton solutions
“yes, we need to start a real transformation. Instead of being a troublemaker in the price war in the paper industry, we need to be a subversive player in the paper packaging industry.” When Wang Dongxing led the reporter to visit the “prepress”, he was full of professional vocabulary in the printing and packaging industry. He has always stressed that the new century sunshine concept packaging business model will bring changes to the industry and benefits to end users
Guo Yongxin, deputy director of China Light Industry Information Center, told our reporter that “conceptual packaging solution” is a systematic project and an innovative concept in the paper printing and packaging industry chain, which can be described as the first national precedent in this field. Accordingly, Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group will realize the strategic transformation from a simple packaging paper manufacturer to a service provider providing overall carton solutions
Wang Changhai, deputy general manager of the company, said that the project is planned to be completed within three years. After putting into operation, the annual sales revenue can reach 5 billion yuan. At present, Shanghai rainbow concept packaging Co., Ltd., the headquarters responsible for the implementation and operation of concept solutions, was established in Shanghai last October. The company has a packaging creative design center, marketing center, financial center and pre printing center located in Weifang, Shandong Province. It is responsible for coordinating and serving 30 joint-stock carton factories all over the country, and distributing pre printed products and cartons through modern logistics
“this innovative model has win-win design considerations. We can’t just do it for ourselves. We should not only create value for customers and reduce costs, but also increase revenue for carton factories participating in cooperation, realize tripartite win-win, and make the whole industry a win-win ecological chain. This is the root of my confidence in the project.”

in the eyes of die hards, the process of subversion is a mess

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