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Introduction of Guo Lei

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Guo Lei is currently the vice chairman of Yantai Federation of literary and art circles in Shandong Province and the president of the non party intellectuals Association of Ludong University. He was once the dean of the Academy of fine arts and the dean of the Academy of fine arts of Ludong University. He is also a member of the professional committee of photography education of China Association of higher education, a national member of the Design Committee of China Packaging Federation, a standing member of the Art Education Committee of Shandong Provincial Department of education, a member of the academic committee of art specialty, a vice chairman of the packaging design committee of Shandong Packaging Association, and a director of Shandong Artists Association, Shandong culture and Art Science Association, Shandong Art Designers Association and Shandong Advertising Association, Director and member of the expert committee of national animation base “Qilu animation base” and “Yantai animation base”

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