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Instructions for submission of packaging and food machinery

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1. The contribution shall be made by e-mail or typed by computer (floppy disk is preferred); Be sure to indicate the contact number, e-mail address and mailing address for easy contact
2. The number of words of the manuscript is generally controlled within 5000 words. A manuscript cannot be re submitted. When publishing the contribution, the journal has the right to delete and modify it. Please keep the final manuscript. If you don’t employ the manuscript, we will not reject it
3. Please write the manuscript in the following order: title, author’s name, author’s work unit and postal code, Chinese abstract within 200 words (including no less than 4 keywords), text, references, brief introduction of the author (name, gender, work unit, professional title, native place, nationality, birth year, resume, research direction, number of papers and monographs, and please indicate the fund number of fund projects.); In addition, the English title, the author’s name, the English translation of the author’s unit and the English abstract (including no less than 4 keywords) shall be attached. The title of the paper should not be the key content of the summary column. In particular, the English abstract should be carefully scrutinized sentence by sentence and strive to be accurate
4. The illustrations in the manuscript shall meet the requirements of the national standard, and the explanatory text in the drawing shall be marked with serial number. The serial number text description is marked under the drawing name. The illustrations should be concise and clear, corresponding to the problems explained in the article, and unnecessary redundant parts should be removed
5. The description items of references should be complete. When a single document such as a journal paper is cited, its description order and symbol are “sequence number”, author, title, title, year, volume (issue); When the “start and end page” is quoted as a whole document such as a book, its description sequence and symbol are “sequence number, author, title of the whole document, place of publication, publishing house and year of publication”

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