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I want to know what glue can EPE (pearl cotton) use to bond?

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I want to know what glue can EPE (pearl cotton) use to bond?

pearl cotton shall be bonded with special glue for pearl cotton, including g-370 and g-370t. Among them, g-370 is applicable to the bonding between pearl cotton and pearl cotton, and g-370t is applicable to the bonding between high-density pearl cotton and pearl cotton

the colloid of g-370 pearl cotton special glue is a transparent viscous liquid, which can be positioned in about 10 minutes and can reach the material breaking effect in 30 minutes; G-370t pearl cotton special glue has transparent colloid, surface dry positioning in 5-10 minutes and material breaking effect of high-density pearl cotton material in 60 minutes

polyethylene foam cotton is a non crosslinked closed cell structure & nbsp& nbsp; It is a new type of environmental protection packaging material. Pearl cotton is composed of countless independent bubbles generated by physical foaming of low-density polyethylene grease. The common color is white, and there are other colors, including black, red, etc. It has different densities, generally about 18kg. The higher the density, the higher the price

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& nbsp; Advantages and uses of pearl cotton:

1. Advantages:

1. There is no waste gas and wastewater in the production process of pearl cotton, and pearl cotton can be recycled repeatedly

2. Pearl cotton can be naturally degraded into particles after three to five months of solar ultraviolet irradiation in the field, which does not pollute the environment

3. Pearl cotton is attached to good cushioning performance, not easy to be crushed and environmental protection. It has been made into survival articles such as yoga mat, floating configuration of aquaculture, protective mat of sporting goods and life-saving tools for water operation. The application of pearl cotton is still further expanded

II. Purpose:

1. Pearl cotton can be processed into pearl cotton protective frame, support, corner guard, etc. it can also be used as packaging lining and pearl cotton tray used in electronic appliances. The purpose of shock protection is to protect the product from damage during transportation

2. Pearl cotton is suitable for electronic and electrical appliances and other industries. It can also be made into pearl cotton tube, pearl cotton stick and so on, which can protect the beauty of products

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If pearl cotton is used to stick pearl cotton, yh-8322 special glue for pearl cotton can be used. The smell of this glue is very low, and the effect of sticking pearl cotton is very good. It is the one with high strength.

hot melt adhesive and Jujian g-370 pearl cotton adhesive can be used
disadvantages of hot melt adhesive: the cost is high, the positioning is too fast after fitting, the product cannot adjust the position, and the Yellow turns fast
Jujian g-370 special glue for pearl cotton has the advantages of low cost and easy shaping. After bonding, the bonding position of the product can be adjusted, and the bonding strength can reach material breaking and yellowing resistance for 10 years.

if you are using pearl cotton to stick pearl cotton, you can use special glue for pearl cotton
if you are using pearl cotton in the packing box, it is recommended to use special glue for Shuangda carton, pearl cotton to stick pearl cotton, pearl cotton to stick carton, and even the inner lining of pearl cotton can stick firmly, and it is easy to paint. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on buying a machine, you just need to brush glue with a brush, with low cost

there is special glue for pearl cotton. Ordinary universal glue is usually easy to open. Weigang has a spray glue that can stick pearl cotton. The effect is also very good, and the price is not very expensive. You can find it on Alibaba.

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