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I want a simple origami process

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friend, you need to fold the manual here, don’t you? Now I recommend a device for you, which is very suitable for a large number of origami work
detailed introduction:
the automatic origami machine is advanced in design and excellent in manufacture. It can be used to fold papers of different sizes and thicknesses within the design range, and can be folded into the style shown in the legend. Simple adjustment, smooth paper feeding, stepless speed regulation, light and efficient. (provided by Shanghai Yixing packaging machinery) applicable to rapid printing center, production enterprises, official documents and business letters
model: ze-9 number of folded discs:
power supply voltage: AC 220V /50Hz 110V /60Hz
Power: 50W
maximum paper size: 210 × 297mm
minimum sheet size: 50 × 80 (mm)
thickest paper specification: 125g
thinnest paper specification: 35g
maximum working linear speed: 60m /min
net weight of machine: 28KG
overall dimension (length) × wide × Height): 900 × four hundred and ten × 430(mm)

search Xuele bar. There are many origami animations in the DIY square of the virtual world. You can see the process of origami

tieba./f? kz=796031606

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