Home xin I am an employee of “Haier Group Hefei Haier industry and trade”. Now I know that I am not a regular employee of Haier Group, but managed by its outsourcing company.

I am an employee of “Haier Group Hefei Haier industry and trade”. Now I know that I am not a regular employee of Haier Group, but managed by its outsourcing company.

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first of all, some of Haier’s employees are contracted out. Chinese enterprises like opportunism. You obviously work in Haier, but the contract is signed with other electrical appliance companies or human resources service companies. I am very disgusted with this form
secondly, the essence of your problem is not outsourcing or not, but China’s current social security system! According to what you said, unless you treat diseases in Hefei, you can’t enjoy medical insurance, so try to choose to be in the place of medical insurance! This is the disadvantage of China’s social hukou system, which is not the case in the world! Recently, Taiwan has said that overseas students, including those from the mainland, can be included in health security, while our bureaucrats have been shouting about fund losses all day. Old age insurance can’t make ends meet. Who knows how to spend money! I’m afraid I reimbursed all the money paid by the bottom to the VIP ward of the top floor! Otherwise, there is a limit on the cost of seeing a doctor. How can you lose money? One yuan from the factory becomes ten yuan from the hospital! In fact, if the drug price is well controlled and there is no medical insurance reimbursement, 80% of the people can afford it! In short, bureaucracy is a pity

it is estimated that Haier was the banner of your company when recruiting. Now there are many outsourcing companies. In order to recruit people, you always say that you are from our company in the recruitment information

you misunderstood the policy. Even the medical insurance in Hefei can seek medical treatment in other places, but the reimbursement is less. The medical insurance of Liaocheng in my family can be treated and reimbursed in Jinan, the provincial capital. Take the bill home and report it

Yes, so is Rongshida washing machine factory. The recruitment is not to sign a contract with the factory, but a company in Shaoguan, Guangdong. In case of an accident in the future, you can go to Guangdong to find someone to claim. Can you find it? It’s too deceptive. The state doesn’t care about people’s life or death. Such enterprises are allowed to retreat. They send a large number of messages and find employees in 58 cities with high promises. As a result, they work 11.5 hours a day. Why don’t you say that nobody cares? Insurance, there are several things that work,

first of all, there are many companies in Hefei Haier, which are owned by Haier, but they are joint ventures between Haier and others, which is equivalent to supporting companies of Haier
secondly, social security is paid according to the location of the enterprise
thirdly, in Haier company, enterprises like Haier industry and trade, Haida Plastic, Haier Yichang, Haier East China packaging and Seaview packaging are ugly. They have nothing to do with Haier. They are equal to Haier’s subcontractors or supporting suppliers. At most, Haier has some shares. In case of an accident, Haier won’t care about you at all. Don’t always look at the reputation of other enterprises and be careful about hiring by brand.

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