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How to write Zhou’s summary

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Elongated summary

I have experienced a week’s life as a student on duty. One sentence can express my mood at the moment: tired and happy. I don’t hide that I’m really tired from this work. I’m not only physically tired, but also under great pressure in my heart. How to show the style of our weekly students to the whole school? How to show the style of our high school attached to the University of technology to the students of the University of Commerce? These are all the problems that I always remind myself when I’m on duty
Zhou Sheng, the first student on duty, feels very fresh and interesting. You can shuttle around the campus and exercise your rights. But after several classes, the seemingly simple work is not so easy. At the same time, I felt guilty about my attitude towards Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng has many rules. From dress to attitude, even a posture should be haggard. Moreover, we must have a sense of time every day. We must strictly abide by the working time, meeting time and assembly time. Sometimes I rush back to the meeting halfway through the meal… I complain and complain at first But for a long time Will feel that these are necessary We can tell whether a person has the ability to do great things from small things Being a student on duty has cultivated my ability bit by bit Let me have confidence to leave the campus and go to the society to meet more challenging jobs in the future
I’m glad to be assigned to be responsible for the discipline work of senior three While on duty, I also feel the struggling state of senior three students For them, the college entrance examination is a bridge to success. Is it not for us? I was deeply moved by their tenacious struggle and indomitable spirit They showed their confidence in the college entrance examination with their own actions
at the end of the week, take off the weekly card and put down the weekly board I feel reluctant to give up Although the face is full of fatigue, but fortunately, the smile is still responsible This may be the last week of my high school life I cherish it and miss it It will be a wonderful part of my campus life
tired and happy I enjoy the process of tiredness and enjoy the process of happiness at the same time

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