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How to write a work summary as the leader of a packaging factory

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writing method of work summary

(I) basic information

1. The summary must have an overview and description of the situation, some simple and some detailed. This part mainly analyzes the subjective and objective conditions, favorable and unfavorable conditions, as well as the working environment and foundation
2. Experience and lessons learned. If you have done one thing, you will always have experience and lessons. In order to facilitate future work, it is necessary to analyze, study, summarize and focus on the experience and lessons of previous work, and raise it to the height of theory
3. Future plans. According to the future work tasks and requirements, learn the experience and lessons of the previous period, clarify the direction of efforts, and put forward improvement measures

(II) problems needing attention in writing a summary

1. Fully occupy the materials before summarizing. It is best to listen to the opinions of all parties and understand the relevant situation through different forms, or put forward the summarized ideas and intentions and discuss with the supervisors and colleagues of all parties. Be sure to avoid the opinions of your boss and find a way to write facts among your colleagues
2. We must seek truth from facts, do not exaggerate our achievements, do not narrow our shortcomings, and do not resort to fraud. This is the basis for analyzing and drawing lessons
3. Be clear. The summary is written for people to see. If it is not clear, people can’t read it. Even if they read it, they don’t know why, so they can’t achieve the purpose of summary
4. It should be cut appropriately and the details should be appropriate. Material has essence and phenomenon; When writing is important, keep the essence. The problems in the summary should be divided into primary and secondary, detailed and brief. What should be detailed should be detailed and what should be brief should be brief
5. The specific writing of the summary can be discussed first, and then the first draft can be written by a specially assigned person, and then discussed and modified. It is best to write by the main person in charge, or personally preside over the discussion, drafting and modification

how to write the packing summary

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