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How to write a summary for a week

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writing ideas and key points: the personal week work summary needs to include several parts: what you did this week, what you think you can improve, what mistakes you made, what remedial measures you take, etc. You can clearly feel that the key points of the work summary are: review and reflection


reviewing the work of this week, compared with the four standards of morality, ability and diligence, I can do my best to do all kinds of work and perform my duties well. The monthly work is summarized as follows:

I. main work

1. Pay attention to theoretical learning, strengthen political faith and clarify the service purpose. Conscientiously study Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of “Three Represents” and the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress, actively participate in political activities organized by Bureau organs, and be able to squeeze out time to study relevant documents, reports and guidance materials according to the characteristics of office work

further clarify that the requirements of “Three Represents” are the foundation of our party, the foundation of governance and the source of strength, and the fundamental guarantee for promoting the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We can guide our work by deeply understanding its spiritual essence. Always bear in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, be fair and upright, adhere to principles, and faithfully do their own work

2. Strengthen business learning, improve work ability, strive to carry out and implement work plan and do their own work well

attach importance to learning business knowledge, actively take advantage of opportunities such as participating in training courses, listen to the guidance of experts, consult and learn from experts, and improve their business ability. Closely focus on the focus of their own work, actively learn the latest knowledge about economy, politics, science and technology, law and so on, and strive to integrate and link with practice

in practical work, we should combine political theoretical knowledge, professional knowledge and other fresh knowledge, broaden our horizons, broaden our ideas, enrich ourselves, and strive to adapt to the requirements of the new situation and new tasks

3. Be diligent and enterprising

carefully do their own work and daily routine work, be diligent in legs and mouth, make bills reimbursed in time and accounts clear, assist leaders to establish and improve various systems, maintain good work order and working environment, and make various management more and more standardized

complete a large number of daily affairs such as the purchase of office daily supplies, reception, communication, internal and external contact, subscription of materials and newspapers, and arrange all kinds of matters reasonably and orderly, which provides an effective guarantee for the normal development of office work

4. Great achievements and great progress

over the past few years, he has been steadfast in his work, hard-working, pragmatic and efficient, constantly self-motivated and self-motivated, always and everywhere strict with himself, consciously maintained the image of the office, and did his own work efficiently, satisfactorily and properly without any mistakes, and achieved certain results

Second, there are deficiencies

first, although there has been some progress in the study of political theory, it has not been in depth and breadth. Second, the complexity of transactional work reduces the research opportunities, which makes it impossible to further improve their work ability. Third, they are not bold enough in their work. They always change their working methods in the process of continuous learning, rather than practice and promote them in innovation

III. direction of future efforts

constantly strengthen personal cultivation, consciously strengthen learning, strive to improve work level, meet the needs of their own work under the new situation, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and work hard

personal work summary
as time passed, I spent another week growing up. Looking back on the past week, I am honored to make progress with my colleagues. I have also learned a lot from you. In the past week, the biggest feeling in my heart is that it is not difficult to be a qualified * * * * but it is not so easy to be an excellent * * * *. I think: a good * * * * should not only be modest and honest, but also be serious and conscientious in his career. Moreover, it is necessary to specialize in Ideological and political research and professional ability. I, as a young * * * * need to learn a lot
ideological cultivation
As a * * * *, if you want to complete the responsibility of work, you must first have * * * * quality and establish a correct world outlook and outlook on life. In this week, I seriously participated in various studies and activities. There is an idiom: as long as you have deep Kung Fu, grind an iron pestle into a needle. Yes, as a * * * *, I inadvertently think carelessly at work, which makes me look rough and inappropriate. When opinions and suggestions come, I am no longer unhappy and refuse. But ask yourself with higher requirements and try to warn yourself: from another angle, meditate and think about how to be better
quality improvement
In my study, I listened to my experience carefully, recorded it carefully, thought carefully in my spare time after the activity, and made some attempts purposefully in the class. For example: * * *
In my work, I devote myself and study hard. I feel that everyone is my teacher. I can learn and have a lot to learn. For example: * * * *
In my spare time, I will read some of my own magazines, go to the library and inquire about relevant materials online, and go to the bookstore to buy all kinds of books and audio-visual materials useful for education and teaching at my own expense. I deeply feel that learning is really helpful to me
work content
Through this week’s work, I was lucky to learn a lot and made some achievements in business. However, this is far from enough, especially in terms of * * * * is still immature. I will continue to learn more, think more and try more in the future, and strive to do my work better

I’ve been thankful for a long time. The landlord must adopt it~~

mainly write down the main work content, achievements and shortcomings, and finally put forward reasonable suggestions or new efforts
the following is for your reference:
Reprint: summary is to conduct a comprehensive and systematic general inspection, general evaluation, general analysis and general research on the situation in a period of time, and analyze achievements, deficiencies and experience. Summary is a kind of applied writing, which is a rational reflection on the work that has been done. Summary and plan complement each other. They should be based on the plan. The plan is always made on the basis of personal experience
basic requirements for summary
1. The summary must have an overview and description of the situation, some simple and some detailed. This part mainly analyzes the subjective and objective conditions, favorable and unfavorable conditions, as well as the working environment and foundation
2. Achievements and shortcomings. This is the center of the summary. The purpose of the summary is to affirm the achievements and find out the shortcomings. What are the achievements, how big they are, in what aspects, and how they have been achieved; We should make it clear how many shortcomings there are, in what aspects, what nature and how they arise
3. Experience and lessons learned. If you have done one thing, you will always have experience and lessons. In order to facilitate future work, it is necessary to analyze, study, summarize and focus on the experience and lessons of previous work, and r
aise it to the height of theory

future plans. According to the future work tasks and requirements, learn from the experience and lessons of the previous period, clarify the direction of efforts, put forward improvement measures and other
summarized precautions

1. We must be realistic, do not exaggerate our achievements, do not narrow our shortcomings, and do not resort to fraud. This is the basis for analyzing and drawing lessons

2. Be clear. The summary is written for people to see. If it is not clear, people can’t read it. Even if they read it, they don’t know why, so they can’t achieve the purpose of summary

3. It should be cut appropriately and the details should be appropriate. Material has essence and phenomenon; When writing is important, keep the essence. The problems in the summary should be divided into primary and secondary, detailed and brief. What should be detailed should be detailed and what should be brief should be brief
basic format of summary

1. Title

2. Body

beginning: overview and overall evaluation; Outline and summarize the full text

main body: analyze achievements and shortcomings and summarize experiences and lessons

end: analyze the problem and clarify the direction

3. Signature


the summary of the week is divided into the following parts
first, it doesn’t matter what work is done this week, which is repeated every week
Second, what are the strengths and weaknesses
Third, how to better complete the work in the future.

the summary of the week is divided into the following parts. 1、 It doesn’t matter what work you do this week and repeat it every week. 2、 What are the strengths and weaknesses. 3、 How to better complete the work in the future.

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