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How to use vacuum packaging machine correctly?

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when selecting the external pumping vacuum packaging machine, the model should not be selected simply according to the model
generally speaking, because the food (packaging materials) produced by each user are different, the packaging sizes are different, the technical grade requirements of vacuum packaging are different, and the requirements for work efficiency are different (output size, etc.), but according to the characteristics of the user’s own products (including liquid, solid, powder, colloidal, semi liquid, pickled products, cooked meat, seafood, etc.) The size of the packaging bag (including the width of the bag mouth, the longitudinal length of the bag and the height (thickness) after loading the goods to finally determine which model is suitable for the user.)
the main basis for users to determine the model is the sealing length of the packaging machine, the distance between two rows, the maximum available height of the vacuum chamber, the production efficiency of the whole machine, etc.

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 operation steps of vacuum packaging machine: 

 1. Turn on the power supply: turn the power selection switch as needed, that is, the power indicator is on The power selection switch points to vacuum for vacuum sealing, and points to vacuum inflation for vacuum inflation sealing

 2. Place the plastic bag containing the articles in the vacuum chamber The opening of the bag shall be neatly placed on the heat seal (if it is used for inflatable packaging, at least one nozzle shall be inserted into the opening of the bag)

 3. Press down the machine cover and the air extraction (vacuum) indicator light on the panel is on When the vacuum pump starts pumping, the machine cover is automatically sucked. The vacuum degree can be adjusted by the vacuum pumping knob according to the packaging requirements. During adjustment, the range should be small according to the scale from low to high

 4. When the air extraction reaches the set time (i.e. the required vacuum), the air extraction is over, the air extraction indicator is off, and the inflation indicator is on to indicate the beginning of inflation The inflation knob can adjust the inflation time (i.e. the amount of inflation), and the method is the same as above If inflation is not required Turn the power switch to the vacuum position, the program will automatically enter the vacuum packaging, and the inflation indicator will go out

 5. When the air extraction or inflation is completed, the indicator light goes out and the heat sealing indicator light is on, that is, the sealing procedure is entered. The panel is equipped with heat sealing time and temperature adjustment knob to adapt to different thickness materials. When adjusting the time and temperature, the rotation range should be small to prevent the sudden increase of heat sealing temperature and burning of heat sealing accessories

 6. When the set heat sealing time is reached, the heat sealing indicator light goes out to see the end of the heat sealing, that is, the vacuum chamber enters the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the machine cover is lifted automatically, and the vacuum inflatable packaging process is completed, ready for the next packaging cycle

 air leakage during vacuum sealing of vacuum sealing machine is mainly caused by the following reasons: 1. The vacuum packaging of food is used for a long time, and the pipeline is aging or corroded and damaged. You only need to replace the new pipeline in time

 5. The vacuum pump leaks and you need to repair it in time; For reference

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