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How to optimize the logistics packaging cost?

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optimization of logistics packaging cost:
optimization of logistics packaging cost refers to the reasonable organization of commodity packaging operation process by managers to complete commodity packaging tasks with the least investment
the quality of packaging management and the saving of packaging expenses directly affect the economic benefits of logistics enterprises. Therefore, it is very important for logistics enterprises to strengthen the management of packaging expenses. The management of packaging expenses in logistics enterprises usually includes the following aspects:
1. Establish a standardized packaging operation system
establish a standardized packaging operation system, enhance the planning of packaging operation, implement a strict quality management system, improve the operation quality of packaging links, and avoid the cost increase caused by material waste, extended working hours and machine damage caused by the randomness of employees’ work. Strengthen the vocational and technical training of employees, improve their operation proficiency, strengthen the cost awareness, and make the idea of cost reduction deeply rooted in the hearts of the people
2. Optimize packaging design
optimize packaging design and reduce packaging cost. Improper packaging design mainly brings three kinds of adverse consequences. First, it will lead to the waste of packaging materials, overuse of talents and excess packaging; Secondly, the more economical alternative materials will be ignored due to the selection of inappropriate materials; Thirdly, the improper shape and structure of packaging will bring obstacles to other logistics activities. Enterprises should constantly optimize the packaging design, rethink the appearance and alternative materials of goods packaging, focus on packaging transformation and innovation, and select appropriate and economical packaging materials according to the characteristics and protection requirements of products, so as to achieve the packaging effect, reduce waste and reduce material expenses
3. Reasonably realize the mechanization of packaging
the introduction of mechanized operation in the packaging process can not only greatly improve the efficiency, but also reduce the investment of manpower; At the same time, packaging machinery also correspondingly increases the purchase cost of logistics enterprises. In the changing of packaging costs, for enterprises with less strength, the pressure brought by machinery investment is not small. Enterprises should do a good job in the feasibility analysis of investment, and consider the best time for enterprises to increase investment in this aspect from the aspects of machine operation load and long-term planning of enterprises, so as to make full use of the operation time of equipment and reduce packaging costs from the overall interests
4. Realize packaging standardization
packaging standards are technical regulations on various packaging marks, specifications and quality of packaging materials, technical specification requirements of packaging, inspection methods of packaging, etc. Packaging standardization is the technical guarantee to realize scientific and reasonable product packaging, but it is not simply the matter of packaging itself, but the rationalization and modernization of packaging under the premise of rationalization, order, modernization and low cost of the whole logistics system. Through packaging standardization, packaging efficiency can be improved, labor cost and material cost can be reduced, and other operations such as loading, unloading and transportation in the logistics process can be facilitated
5. Strengthen the recycling of packaging materials
many packaging materials have the characteristics of strong and durable, but in the packaging operation, due to various reasons, the recycling of packaging materials is not satisfactory. Enterprises should cultivate the awareness of making full use of everything and comprehensive utilization, emphasize the importance of packaging material recycling from the system, strengthen the daily management and accounting in the packaging process, and do a good job in packaging material recycling and the utilization of old packaging
6. Optimize packaging operations
focusing on reducing logistics costs, enterprises should make overall plans and optimize packaging operations. Packaging operation is the basic link of logistics system, which directly affects the work efficiency of loading and unloading, handling, storage, transportation and other processes. For example, using cartons, pallets and containers can change the original wooden box packaging and save transportation costs; Reasonable package size and specification can improve the transportation volume ratio; Effectively designing the stacking height of packaging containers can improve the utilization rate of warehouse and save costs. However, blindly reducing the packaging cost and bringing the rise of other logistics operation costs does not really reduce the packaging cost. Logistics enterprises must give overall consideration to the mutually influencing logistics operation links, strengthen the coordination and systematicness of logistics links, and optimize the packaging cost from the height of reducing logistics cost.

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