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How to keep fresh when you buy too many lettuce?

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lettuce can be kept fresh in the refrigerator. If it is not peeled, the leaves on the head of the lettuce need to be cut off and stored separately, so that it can be stored for about two days without putting it in the refrigerator

if the lettuce has been peeled, it needs to be sealed with fresh-keeping film or fresh-keeping bag, otherwise it is prone to oxidation and redness. If the whole lettuce turns red from inside to outside, it may not be fresh, and the lettuce needs to be discarded

soak the lettuce in water, submerge it to 1 /3 of the lettuce, and keep it upright. It can be stored for 3-5 days at room temperature

extended data:

nutritional value:

lettuce is rich in nutrients, especially in leaves. Every 500 grams of fresh lettuce leaves (Beijing area) contains 10 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat, 16.5 grams of carbohydrates, 190 mg of calcium, 185 mg of phosphorus, 5.5 mg of iron and 10.7 mg of carotene

vitamin B20 6 mg, vitamin C75 mg, etc. But the content in the stem is much lower. Every 500g lettuce stem contains only 1.5g protein, 0.2g fat and 4.7G carbohydrate. The content of carotene and vitamin C is very small

Edible Part 62%. Every 100g contains 59kj energy, 95.5g water, 1g protein, 0.1g fat, 0.6g dietary fiber, 2.2g carbohydrate and 150 carotene μ g. Retinol equivalent 25 μ g. Thiamine 0.02mg, riboflavin 0.02mg, niacin 0.5mg

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia — lettuce

fresh keeping methods for buying too many lettuce:

remove the dirty lettuce and clean it

2. Cut the lettuce into small pieces and put them into the fresh-keeping bag

3. Then put the lettuce in the refrigerator and close the refrigerator door

preservation effect of lettuce:

1 Lettuce can last longer

2. Lettuce will not go bad, eat more at ease

reasons for preservation of lettuce:

there are too many lettuce to eat at one time

lettuce should be stored without deterioration

note: don’t buy too many lettuce at one time. If you can’t eat it all at once, you can keep it fresh in the refrigerator. Pay attention to get rid of the bad places. After cleaning, put it in plastic wrap

it’s time for a large number of lettuce to appear on the market. It’s cheap and easy to make. Once the skin is cut, cut into pieces and stir fry a few times, you can get out of the pot. The leaves can also be used to cook soup. It’s the favorite of the elderly.
There is another characteristic of the elderly, that is, they love to buy big and small packages as soon as they see the cheapness. Therefore, I often see the old people buy lettuce in bundles, which makes the children angry: buying so much is cheap, but it wilts into a rope in two or three days. Where can you eat it? It’s not just throwing it away. As a result, it costs more money than buying as much as you eat!
Well, uncles and aunts, I’ll teach you a way to ensure that you can buy a lot at one time without being angry.
Good lettuce has a tall and straight body, uniform stem thickness and clear surface texture; If the stem of lettuce is curved, it indicates that it is defective and should not be purchased.
Of course, you can also pinch the stem of lettuce when you buy it. The fresh lettuce has enough water and juice will flow out; Lettuce that is not fresh enough, with little or no juice.
Weigh it up. If the weight of lettuce is light, it may be hollow. Be careful when shopping.
Put four or five lettuce in a group in a basin filled with clean water (not too much water, as long as it is less than 1 /3 of the trunk of the lettuce), and then put the basin in a cool, dry and ventilated place, which can keep the lettuce fresh for about 5 days.
Please note when cooking:
Do not blanch lettuce for too long or at too high temperature, which will not only affect the taste of lettuce, but also destroy its nutrition; When cooking lettuce, put less salt. Too much salt can easily consume the water of lettuce and make it lose its crisp taste.

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