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How to distinguish true and false tiles

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How to distinguish true and false tiles


 Tongyue ceramics adheres to the essence of China's 5000 year ceramic culture and gathers the great achievements of European and American classic art masterpieces, insist "First-rate quality" as the goal and perfect after-sales service process. In the process of continuous innovation and enterprising, Tongyue ceramics devotes itself to providing consumers with high-quality products, with diversified product structure and rich varieties of designs and colors. There are many products, mainly including Jiulongbi series, Venice series, linear stone series, Chinese jade series, gold silk jade series, natural stone series, nafuna series, brati series, polycrystalline stone series and Chinese jade series White series, osmanthus series, tulip series, original stone series, Roman cave stone series, ice age series, Amazon series, orosa series, Chinese jade series, marble series, diamond series, full glaze series (600x600 to 1200x1200 specifications) and other material glass fossil products are deeply praised by the industry and loved by consumers. Excellent product quality comes from advanced equipment and concepts. Tongyue ceramics knows this well and is committed to developing and designing more fashionable and more in line with modern environmental protection. Any form and careful problems are not allowed to appear in the terminal market. Ensure to provide perfect products for every customer and user. No matter in fancy variety design, large-scale production and trial production, updating process equipment and even staff training, we always implement the principle of quality first. Driven by advanced ideas, Tongyue ceramics introduces advanced manufacturing technology and creates excellent quality with exquisite technology. Tongyue brings you products that lead the trend of polished bricks; All products of the whole line are strictly inspected by relevant national authorities, and have obtained various professional certificates. They meet the requirements of appendix g of GB /t4100-2006 standard and class a decoration materials in gb6566-2010 standard, and have won the qualification certificates such as "China compulsory 3C certification", with unlimited scope of use. Our unremitting pursuit of quality is only to enable users to obtain a more comfortable and healthy living space. Quality comes from every process, which is the belief of Tongyue ceramics. I believe that through unremitting efforts, down-to-earth and enterprising, we will certainly open up the road to success. "It's a long way to go. I'll go up and down and seek." in the future, Tongyue ceramics will always implement the brand concept of "fashion boutique, choice of taste", always shine on the ceramic stage with the best attitude, add bricks and tiles to the harmonious life of consumers and strive to build a harmonious society. Adhering to the business philosophy of "humanistic care, integrity and openness", Tongyue ceramics will be committed to serving customers at a wider level and repay the society with a positive and sincere attitude


 I'm asking how to distinguish true from false? Is there any sign


 see standard g and gb6566-20 


 Where is the standard g and gb6566-20

 can you answer me


 floor tiles are not easy to fake. Buy ceramic tiles and choose full body marble. Promise not to regret 

 specific ceramic analysis is required, but the general methods of fraud can be understood and reconsidered

 one way to make new porcelain is to bury the new porcelain under the ground for a long time, or coat the porcelain surface with protein in the soil, and then bury it underground for a period of time, in order to make it new as old; The other is to soak the new porcelain in acidic or alkaline solution to obtain the effect of aging; Another is to use toothpaste and water sand 

 paper "goes into battle" to process the new porcelain, making the new porcelain old and without bright color. In fact, although the real ancient porcelain has old colors, it is created by the vicissitudes of time and is irregular. If the whole body as like as two peas, you should pay more attention. pre>
 there are two ways to fake real blanks

 one is to take the bottom of the old porcelain and bond it to the forged new porcelain. The model is true, but the porcelain body is fake; The other is to take the old porcelain without flowers and burn it again after painting. The first method can be seen by looking closely with a high-power magnifying glass. The second method has to be judged from the painting style and glaze color

 to make up the defects and decorative marks, some are to glue the damaged plain and clean ancient porcelain, and then draw patterns at the cracks to cover up the bonding marks. To see these hidden traces, you need to carefully observe them with a magnifying glass, and find clues from the quality of painting style and pigment. In addition, the defective ancient porcelain is repaired, such as ear, mouth and mouth, and then re fired with glaze. Although the value may be high, there will still be differences in style and color. Therefore, when you get a piece of porcelain, you should look at the key parts more

 fake monochrome glaze porcelain is very popular in the collection market in recent years, but many of them are fakes. For example, as like as two peas in the glaze, it is hard to burn in ancient times, and now the technology development and technological level have been improved. Some counterfeiters directly fired these porcelains to pretend to be old objects, and the glaze color is almost the same. However, the shape of its tire may be exposed. Some tires are too delicate and beyond the technological level of the ancients. It is obviously a fake


 I'm asking how to identify the brand of "Tongyue"


 look at the appearance of Tongyue ceramics. The color and luster of ceramic tiles shall be uniform, the surface finish and flatness shall be good, the surrounding shall be regular, and the pattern shall be complete. Take four or five pieces from a box to see whether there are defects such as color difference, deformation, lack of edges and corners, etc. 2、 Listen to the sound. Tap with a hard object. The more crisp the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality. You can also clip a corner of ceramic tile with your left thumb, index finger and middle finger


 how to distinguish if it is a OEM

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the quality identification of floor tiles is very professional. I remind you to pay attention to: first, check whether the blank color of tiles is pure. This move is very simple. We mainly observe whether the color on the back of the ceramic tile is uniform and consistent. Ceramic tiles with good quality shall have uniform and symmetrical green body color. 2、 Observe whether the particles on the cross section of the ceramic tile are fine. Consumers should note that the cross section mentioned here does not refer to the cutting surface around the ceramic tile, but refers to the fracture of the ceramic tile fragment. Generally speaking, the fracture is fine, hard and brittle, and the same color is the top grade. Because the ceramic tile with fine particles has strong waterproof ability; The ceramic tiles with larger particles are easy to be immersed in water, which affects the quality. 3、 Pay attention to the thickness of glaze layer. The glaze of ceramic tile is what we call the whole surface of ceramic tile, and the thickness of glaze layer is the thickness of the cross section of the glaze. Glaze is the most expensive
material in the cost of ceramic tiles. The thicker the glaze layer, the better the natural quality. 4、 Listen. Tap the ceramic tile and pay attention to whether the sound is crisp. If the sound is clear and pleasant, it is the top grade; if the sound is dull, it is the inferior product. 5、 Try the water. Consumers can pour some water on the back of the ceramic tile and pay attention to the speed of water absorption of the ceramic tile. After a few minutes, check whether the marks left by the water on the front are obvious. After the water is dispersed, the ceramic tile with slow infiltration has a high density, and the water impression is not obvious, so it is regarded as top-grade. 6、 Take two bricks back-to-back and face-to-face to see if they can be in close contact. If there is too large gap, you can judge whether there is warpage. 7、 Find the ink and apply it on the surface for an hour and scrub it to see if there are traces. Good bricks have no traces, and those with infiltration are firmly not selected. 8. Take two bricks to measure the geometric dimension length and width of the two bricks and look at the size deviation of the bricks diagonally. Excellent products have no deviation. 9. Refer to the test report issued by the national or industrial testing authority provided by the merchant to compare the following index data: water absorption, wear resistance, acid resistance and pollution index identification and comparison.

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 Hello, I have seen your message and am preparing the answer. Please wait a moment

 Hello, let me introduce you

 measure the hardness of ceramic tile 

 generally, ceramic tiles with good hardness have good texture, are not easy to be damaged and can be used for a long time! Test method: put the ceramic tile upright and let it fall naturally. It is a good product without breaking; In addition, you need to tap the center of the ceramic tile to listen to the sound, crisp, echo, and no muddy sound

 ceramic tile products are either square or long. Now some of them are pentagonal in the market. It can be said that most of the dimensional deviation is caused by production. One of the main problems is the large and small head, the relative side length of the face is unequal, or there is a deviation in flatness, resulting in uneven ceramic tiles. Detection method: the side length can be measured directly with a ruler. The flatness stands up like a cat grabbing the target to see whether it is in a straight line, or take several pieces to splice, and whether there is unevenness

 generally, floor tiles need such tests to ensure that they are real vitrified floor tiles. Moreover, the degree of water absorption of floor tiles determines the antifouling ability of tiles. The lower the water absorption, the more dirt resistant the tiles are. If it is ceramic tile, the water absorption is as high as 10%. Detection method: pour water on the back of the ceramic tile and wait for about 3 minutes to see whether the water seeps in

 the polished tiles used to be slowly replaced by glazed floor tiles. That is to say, it is the era of glazed tiles. Many consumers buy glazed tiles at home. In addition to the good texture of the tiles, it also depends on the texture and hardness of the glaze. The glaze directly contacts the friction force, and a good glaze directly affects its use effect. Detection method: take the key and sharp knife and walk hard on the surface of the ceramic tile. Remember to use force! See if you can easily scratch and get scars. Try harder

 traditional tile buyers rarely test this, but the old people must pay attention to the room they live in. The friction coefficient determines the anti-skid degree of ceramic tiles, which will not cause people to fall accidentally. Special attention shall be paid to that the anti slip coefficient of dry and wet is different. Detection method: tilt the ceramic tile and place the articles to see if they fall. The fast falling speed proves that they are not anti-skid; Wet, sprinkle water on the surface of the ceramic tile and step on it with bare feet to see if it feels astringent. If not, it proves to be very slippery


 I bought full-length marble, and there are marks with nails 


 Hello, this is because the surface hardness of ceramic tiles is not enough


 is there any accurate way to test its authenticity 


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 the general brand floor tile has its brand logo on its back. Generally, the floor tile can be divided into good and bad, but there are few fake brands. Because the process of floor tile is complex and the investment is huge, it is not possible for ordinary small factories to invest. If you want to make an accurate inquiry, you can contact the manufacturer of the brand for identification

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first, distinguish between good and bad
1. The best grade of ceramic tile is excellent, followed by grade I, grade II and genuine. So remember to ask clearly when buying and check clearly when receiving. (generally, as long as it is excellent, there will be no quality problems)
2. Pay attention to whether there are fine pinholes on the brick surface. Good ceramic tiles should be free of defects

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