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How to design the package is more aesthetic

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I want to do some packaging and design. How can I do it to be more aesthetic. I should start from that aspect

in the society of market economy, product packaging design has attracted more and more attention. Among the colorful commodities, how to attract the attention of consumers and show it from many similar products is an important topic of packaging design research. Packaging design not only considers beautifying products, improving the added value of products and increasing consumers’ trust in product quality. Other functions of packaging and the environmental protection and safety of selected materials should also be considered to save resources for reuse. Thus reducing costs. Simple design is to simplify the design to its essence and emphasize its internal charm. As the art Master Mr. Zhang Guangzi said: “explain the complexity, simplify the three autumn trees, mark the new, and intend to spend in February”. Now I will talk about the performance of several aspects of packaging design from another angle. 1、 Packaging and decoration design is not simply from the use of text design, graphic processing and color, but how to use the perfect combination of the beauty of materials and the processing of new technology to express the attributes and internal cultural meaning of products, so as to make products have distinctive personality characteristics and deepen the memory of consumers. Put new ideas outside the Dharma and put new ideas. Packaging and decoration design, text design and arrangement are the main components of conveying product information. They are designed according to the attributes of goods, organically combined with graphics, and arranged and arranged according to certain rules and regulations. They are not the accumulation of words and graphics, nor are they copied and used without their own creativity from the images in the font and gallery. Regardless of traditional and modern graphics, we should pay for new ideas through our own innovation to make it personalized. The complexity and simplicity of graphics are used together, complex but not messy, simple but not empty. With the most refined expression techniques to achieve the best effect. So design is subtraction, not addition. 2、 The application of color in packaging design can not only express the product attributes, but also be the most sensitive in visual communication, which is more than the body. Therefore, it is more necessary to study the relationship between the application of color in packaging design and the process and materials in product packaging production, so as to reduce the chromaticity, reduce the color block area, and use the beauty of material to express the beauty of product packaging. Designers should understand the processing technology of packaging and the application of materials, which is conducive to better show their creative design works. There are many processes of product packaging, which will increase loss and cost. Often for this reason, some ideas miscarry. For example, in terms of the application of color in packaging design, the more color registration, the higher the cost, the more man hours and the greater the loss, resulting in waste. In the design, it should be considered according to the function of printing equipment. For example, the four-color offset press has some requirements for the product packaging color, so it has to use four colors. If you add spot color, you can’t. If it is a monochrome or two-color offset press, adding color registration in the design can be handled by stacking color and screening, which can save cost and meet the design requirements. Third, the rationality of material selection in packaging design. The different packaging materials used in the packaging of different products depend on its packaging form and the calculation of the amount of materials used. It is also a kind of design. All factors should be noted. First, protect products, second, beautify products, third, safety and environmental protection, fourth, reduction, fifth, recycling and sixth, standardization. For example, in terms of paper packaging, the design process should be based on the number of paper openings, comply with the combination and cutting, and strictly calculate and design the most reasonable packaging scheme. Otherwise, the design is unreasonable, and the customer can’t bear it due to the increase of cost, and your design can’t be realized. At the same time, the application of product packaging environmental protection materials plays a great role in purifying the social environment and creating a beautiful home. For example, food packaging is printed with paper water-based ink; Pet transparent materials are selected for lingpin and gifts. Plastic containers and bottles can be compressed to reduce the volume. Glass bottles and cans adopt lightweight and thin packaging, which not only saves resources, but also shows the beauty of its texture. 4、 The packaging structure is simple, easy to use, easy to carry and easy to combine. In particular, the relationship between products and packaging space should be appropriate. In the design process, we can not only consider the interests of businesses and damage the interests of consumers. In the market, some moon cake packaging, tonic packaging, expanding the content of products, and the volume mismatch between the contents and the packaging have great falsehood, which has a very bad impact on consumers. The packaging structure is simple, suitable for modern production and improves the processing quality. In modern society, people’s pace of life is faster and faster, and the time to buy goods in the market is shortened accordingly. Therefore, the form and function of the product should be quickly conveyed to consumers. People usually remember the first, second and third items of information, while the latter seven, eight, nine and ten are difficult to remember, so simplicity is easy to spread

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