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How to choose sesame paste

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sesame paste is prepared by baking and grinding sesame seeds and adding sesame oil. It is a common seasoning for cold dishes, instant boiled mutton, pasta and other foods, giving food a unique flavor. Here’s how to choose sesame paste correctly. Authentic sesame paste: with sesame aroma, the paste is brownish red and bright, delicate and smooth, moderately thick, slightly sweet and crisp. Adulterated sesame paste: it is mostly made of peanuts, some even moldy peanuts, corn and cake powder, and then added with other vegetable oil, a small amount or no sesame oil. Fake sesame paste contains a lot of harmful substances such as aflatoxin! During identification, it can be found that this fake sesame paste has dim color, no luster, lack of due aroma, and sometimes even bitter or moldy taste! When buying, you can use the method of adding water to stir sesame paste to identify the true and false sesame paste. The pure sesame paste gets drier and drier when stirred, while those mixed with other substances get thinner and thinner. Some even have peculiar smell, sour smell and are easy to grow white mold! Consumers should pay attention to the following problems when purchasing sesame paste products:

1. Avoid selecting sesame paste with too much oil slick in the bottle, because the less oil slick means the fresher it is
2. When buying sesame paste, you can not only pay attention to taste and price factors, but also make a rough judgment from the sense. Look at the solid, neat and beautiful packaging of the products. The name of the factory, address, product name, production date, shelf life, ingredients, etc. shall be indicated on the packaging
3. Pure sesame paste with a short production time (within 20 days) generally has no sesame oil precipitation at this time, and its appearance is brown or brown. It is very viscous when dipped with chopsticks. When it comes out of the bottle, the paste body is not easy to break, and the vertical flow length can reach about 20cm. Pure sesame paste with a long production time (more than 30 days) is brown or brown in appearance. At this time, sesame oil is generally precipitated from the upper layer, but the flow characteristics will not change much after mixing
4. Sesame paste generally has a strong aroma of sesame paste without other peculiar smell. Sesame paste mixed with peanut butter has an obvious smell of peanut oil and obvious sweetness. Sesame paste mixed with sunflower seeds not only has obvious flavor of sunflower seed oil, but also has a much lighter smell compared with pure sesame paste
5. Put a small amount of sesame paste into a bowl, add a small amount of water and stir with chopsticks. If it gets drier and drier, it will be pure sesame paste. The main reason is that sesame paste is rich in sesame protein and oil, which have strong affinity for water

when eating sesame paste, you should pay attention to the following points: 1. Try to eat sesame paste within 3 months after opening, because it tastes good and nutrition is not easy to lose. If it is placed too long after opening, it is easy to oxidize and harden. 2. When making sesame paste, first stir it in the bottle with a small spoon, then take out the sesame paste, add cold water to make it, and don’t use warm water.

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