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How to adjust the printing Brown of shoes

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telephone number of Beijing professional printing company: (this user name, or see my data) the company is a printing factory integrating prepress design and production, printing, post-processing, photo spray painting and outdoor engineering. It is a professional company engaged in various printing services, providing customers with high-quality, professional and fast comprehensive printing solutions. Business scope: 1 The company provides a series of graphic design services, such as sample design, poster design, packaging design, album design, spray painting design, book and magazine design, product catalog design, enterprise logo design and so on. 2. Books and periodicals: all kinds of exquisite books and periodicals, magazines, training materials, student materials, picture albums and organ pictorial; 3. Design and printing of publicity materials: exquisite product catalogue, enterprise profile, user manual, manual, quotation, poster, enterprise annual report, handbag, envelope, leaflet page, poster back glue, three fold page, coupon, bar code and self-adhesive. 4。 5. Exquisite outer packaging of high-end gifts: greeting card, invitation card, wall calendar, desk calendar, moon cake gift box, handbag and carton printing
at present, the company has become a well-known enterprise and institution such as the China Institute of science and technology information, the Academy of broadcasting Sciences of the State Administration of film and television, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Wanbo, the National Grand Theater, the State Grid Corporation of China, Oriental entrepreneurs and famous University printers
focusing on the future, we always follow the enterprise business policy of “integrity-based, user first, survival by quality and development by reputation”. We implement total quality management. Every product is meticulous in every link from raw material procurement, typesetting, production,, inspection, packaging to delivery and service, and make the products more perfect through a strict quality management system
friends from all walks of life are welcome to consult and customize. We will serve you wholeheartedly
reading materials by phone (this user name is a consultation phone)

white plus black, yellow and red at most. Brown is the mediation ratio

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