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How should the company’s fixed line telephone be used?

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I’ve also heard what someone said in Baidu, adding 0, 00 or 9 in front of the number. I’ve tried it all, but I still can’t use it. The company is Shangrao, and my mobile phone number belongs to Shangrao, but I don’t respond when I call myself with a fixed phone. Let’s give you advice

this can be customized. To be exact, you need to find the person who set the program control at that time (usually the IT personnel of the company) to know the exact number
in addition, you should not be the only one in the company. Your former colleagues will certainly be useful. Just ask your colleagues. If there are no colleagues and you are the only one, it means that it is a small company. That may be set up by the people of the telecom company who is the fashion phone. You can call the telecom customer service and ask them to provide door-to-door service.

when dialing a mobile phone number in the same region from a fixed line telephone, you can dial it directly without adding anything. When dialing a mobile phone number outside Shangrao, you need to add a 0 in front of the number

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