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How should commodity packaging be classified

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shape classification of packaging container: it can be divided into packaging box, packaging barrel, packaging bag, packaging bag, packaging basket, packaging bundle, packaging jar, packaging can, packaging cylinder, packaging bottle, etc.
Classification of packaging materials: it can be divided into wood products packaging, paper products packaging, metal products packaging, glass packaging, ceramic products packaging and plastic products packaging.
Classification of packaging goods: it can be divided into food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, light industrial product packaging, needle cotton fabric packaging, household appliance packaging, electromechanical product packaging, fruit and vegetable packaging, etc.
Classification for the purpose of safety: it can be divided into general cargo packaging and dangerous cargo packaging.
 packaging has become an integral part of modern commodity production and a powerful weapon for businesses to compete. Manufacturers have been trying their best to attract consumers with the name of “new packaging and new listing” in order to change the image of their products in the hearts of consumers and enhance the image of the enterprise itself. For example, the record companies have created and packaged new products for singers to change their image in the hearts of fans. Now packaging has been integrated into the development, design and production of various commodities. Almost all products need to be packaged to become commodities into the circulation process.
• understanding and definition of packaging: the understanding and definition of packaging are different in different periods and countries. Many people believe that packaging is aimed at rotating circulating materials. It is not only a means and tool to wrap, bind and contain goods, but also an operation activity when wrapping and containing goods.
Since the 1960s, with the popularization and development of various optional supermarkets and stores, packaging has changed from the original protection of the safe circulation of products to the role of salesperson. People have also given new connotation and mission to packaging. The importance of packaging has been recognized.
1) the act or process of bundling things into bags or boxes
2) things that package goods, i.e. the appearance, envelope or container for covering; Special protection of goods during transportation or storage unit
“In order to protect products in circulation, facilitate storage and transportation and promote sales, apply certain technical methods in the process of containers, materials and auxiliary materials adopted according to certain technical methods. In other versions of textbooks, packaging is also defined as: “In order to ensure that the original state and quality of commodities will not be damaged and affected during transportation, flow, transaction, storage and use, a series of technical means adopted for commodities are called packaging.”
The definition of packaging in each country and region is slightly different, but the core content is the function of packaging.

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