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How should chicken essence be stored

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storage method:
put chicken essence into a plastic box, and then place it in a normal temperature and dry environment
Introduction to chicken essence:

chicken essence is not extracted from chicken. It is made by adding chemical seasoning on the basis of monosodium glutamate. Because nucleotides have the flavor of chicken, they are called chicken essence. It can be used in all occasions where monosodium glutamate is used. The effect can be achieved by adding an appropriate amount into dishes, soup and pasta. In addition to sodium glutamate, chicken essence also contains a variety of amino acids. It is a homely condiment that can not only increase people’s appetite, but also provide certain nutrition. Monosodium glutamate products pay more attention to freshness, so the content of monosodium glutamate is high; Chicken essence focuses on the natural flavor of chicken, so the use of chicken powder is high.

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if you buy a box of chicken essence (that is, the kind of iron can), you can pour it into the bag later. The lid of his can is well sealed and will not be affected by moisture or deterioration. It’s better to put special things in special boxes.

put a bag of desiccant in the food like poli seaweed on the bottom of the seasoning box, so that it will not become damp. Also, your cover should be tightly covered, and the spoon for scooping chicken essence must be dry

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