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How much pressure should I use to inflate the tire?

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generally, the factory tire pressure is 2.5kg, and 2.2-2.3kg is OK for daily use

according to our 4S store, the best standard tire pressure for ordinary cars is: 2.5kg for the front wheel and 2.7kg for the rear wheel in winter; In summer, the front wheel is 2.3kg and the rear wheel is 2.5kg. This can not only ensure safe driving and comfort, but also minimize fuel consumption.

1. The standard air pressure can usually be found in the following places: vehicle user manual, label next to cab door (near B-pillar), drawer next to vehicle driver’s seat, small door of fuel tank cover
2. The tire pressure should be based on the recommended value of the vehicle manufacturer (it varies with the vehicle), which has no inevitable relationship with the brand of tire used
3. If the depot has no special regulations, there is no need for special adjustment in winter or summer. Of course, it is recommended that you measure the tire pressure at room temperature
4. Because the weight distribution of the vehicle body is different, the recommended tire pressure values of front tire, rear tire, no-load tire and full load tire will be different. Special attention should be paid to tire transposition, which needs to be adjusted in time according to the different positions of tires
the above-mentioned recommended tire pressure of the depot refers to the cooling tire pressure. It is defined as follows:
at least three hours after parking or no more than 2km with tires. If the tire pressure can only be measured when the tire is hot, subtract about 0.3 bar (= 4psi) from the measured tire pressure value to obtain the tire cooling inflation pressure.

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