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How much is the processing cost of mask?

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mask processing costs are not many, first of all, you see positioning is high-end, mid end or low-end mask, packaging + aluminum foil + film cloth + Inspection + record + production a total of one piece to a few pieces, tens of thousands of it will be fine.

mask processing costs, mainly seen as quantity and quality, usually tens of thousands of, the mask processing fee is also a few wool.

disinfection cans are estimated to cost 15-20 cents a piece, while folding two layers of cloth is estimated to cost 3-5-4 cents a piece. Packing and coding are estimated to cost 20 cents, film collection and packaging are estimated to cost 20 cents a piece, and folding boxes are estimated to cost 10 cents. They provide their own packaging materials. From disinfection irrigation, packaging and finished products, the cost of filling and packaging is generally about 7 cents, and the internal materials are calculated separately

processing a mask brand first requires a brand, and it will cost about 1500 yuan to apply for a brand label. Br> a company or a self-employed person is required to register a brand trademark. For a company registered in Hong Kong, it costs 3500 yuan, 1200 yuan per year, 5000 yuan for a mainland limited company, 300 yuan per month, 500 yuan for a self-employed person, and 300 yuan per year
when the brand comes down, bags will be made later. 20000 aluminum film bags will be printed, which is generally 0.18-0.25 yuan per bag, and the color plate is about 350 yuan per color
after finishing the aluminum film bag, you also need to make an outer box. The price of 10000 outer boxes is about 0.6-0.8 yuan. It depends on the design and paper
finished packing, you need to consider making the product of the
mask material selection, the cheapest is non-woven fabric 0.08 yuan a piece of
domestic made 0.25 yuan per slice (10 thousand of the amount)
import tin silk 0.45 yuan a piece of
domestic silk 0.45 yuan a set of /2, 0.5 sets of /3 layer
imported silk 0.6 yuan a set of /2 layer, 0.65 yuan a set of /3 layer. Br> material can be selected after selecting material.
general whitening mask is 50 yuan a KG,
hyaluronic acid whitening mask material is 90 yuan a KG
ordinary maintenance mask 25 yuan a KG
mask material is 8 yuan a KG
, a kg of material can be filled with 40 pieces of mask, each piece of filling 25ML
mask processing fee is generally 0.2 yuan, mask processing a box of 10 pieces is about 0.35 yuan a box of shrink film. Br> you can probably know how much money you need to make a mask brand after the above amount is calculated.

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