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How much is a screen printer? What’s the price

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there are tens of thousands of them. It depends on what kind of screen printing machine you need. A few hundred dollars for manual. There are tens of thousands of semi-automatic screen printing machines and tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of full-automatic screen printing machines. Sometimes, silk screen printing machines need supporting processing equipment.

single machine, small size, monochrome, generally about 50000, Wuhai photoelectric screen printing machine

it depends on what you want to do. Print a few colors and dry them with or without them. There are tens of thousands to tens of millions of them

the fully automatic screen printing machine that can walk on the platform can be multi-color overprint. Ouyue can learn about it

silk screen printing machines are divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic. Semi-automatic printing is single sheet printing, and full-automatic printing is full roll printing. If there is quantity, consider buying full-automatic ones. This is a trend. The whole roll printing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the labor is saved
Xiamen lingtie full-automatic silk screen printing machine is quite famous. The company has strength and the price ranges from 100000 to hundreds of thousands. It depends on the configuration and the size of the printing area. It can be used as a reference. It is mainly used for printing such as electrical panels, film switches, thermal printing machines, self-adhesive and inscription boards. The silk screen printing of clothing and shoe labels has been very hot in the past two years.

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