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How much does the product packaging design cost

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this mainly depends on the level of the design team and your requirements

the design level can be divided into high and low levels. Things from different prices and companies are the same. There are usually tens of millions

it depends on how you understand product packaging. You attach importance to finding a good design team to design product packaging. Product packaging design can be your cheap promotion means. Of course, poor product packaging may also be your printing cost. The packaging can not attract consumers and make them like it, but it is not to promote purchase

good product packaging will be planned from the name, logo, advertising language, core selling points and brand culture. Finally achieve the purpose of selling goods. Product packaging should be sold, which is also advocated by Bao adult Yang Hong. We have successfully served more than 100 companies. Look at the case first and say after you are satisfied

a good product packaging plan not only helps producers store and transport, but also helps to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, promote purchase, and is used as a sign to distinguish from competitive products

modern society is so rich in materials that consumers are more and more picky about the choice of product packaging. The fierce market competition makes the homogenization of products more and more serious, and there are more and more similar products on the shelf. When consumers face a wide range of products on the shelf, they often decide whether to buy by relying on their impression of the product packaging on the shelf when they don’t know the internal quality of a product and have no other basis to judge its quality

Mr. Bao Yang Hong advocated that product packaging should be sold

the price of packaging design is related to the region and positioning. The charge will vary according to the demand
the quotation of a package design generally ranges from 2000-20000 yuan. Small and medium-sized design companies should quote at least 3000-5000 yuan. If the product is positioned as high-end, the price is higher, and it is too cheap, it can’t be done at all. Some people say that some websites give a package for hundreds of yuan, and the quality is not the level that professional design companies can compare
If a large company charges more, at least 15000 yuan. Of course, you don’t have to pursue the size of the packaging design company. In fact, the size of the design company is not important at all. It’s impossible for a large company to concentrate all its energy on serving you. On the contrary, small and medium-sized design companies will focus more on service quality. Personal opinions. If you pursue high-quality design without spending the price of large companies, Yang Guo’s design in the article is a good choice, as if it were from Guangdong.

today, there are hundreds of products of the same kind on the same shelf or on the same page. In order to make consumers remember you and buy your products in a short time in the market environment with numerous competitive brands, the design role of packaging must not be underestimated. On the market, there are many personal studios and other design prices are very cheap. For this, Lanqi planning and design is very anxious, because there are too many good-looking and difficult to sell products in the market, and too few products that can really generate sales. Why is this so? Lanqi believes that there are many one-sided problems in everyone’s cognition of packaging design
it is impossible to give an accurate answer to the question of how much product packaging design costs. I don’t know how much other units or studios cost. Lanqi planning believes that one price, one goods. You can’t delay things because it’s cheap.

the question of how much is the packaging design is relatively general. The packaging design generally includes the basic model + extended model. When the price of the basic model is set, the more extended models, the more the final total price. There are hundreds of cheap packaging designs, thousands of basic models, tens of thousands, or even tens of thousands. 8000 (basic model) + 750 (extended model) x models, this is for reference only!!! The most important requirement for you is the quality of the packaging.

Shantou packaging design is famous all over the country. A good company costs about tens of thousands of yuan, and the lowest is about hundreds of yuan. Inside, Huayi brand planning is the most cost-effective, about 5000 each.

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