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How much does a set of disposable chopsticks cost? A complete set

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the price is within 50000. A set of disposable chopsticks machinery and equipment:

raw bamboo sawing machine, bamboo cutting machine, knot and width cutting machine, bamboo wire forming machine, ruler setting machine, push polishing machine, sharpening and engraving machine of bamboo round chopsticks, multi-purpose knife grinder and chopsticks packaging machine

production supporting equipment, including dual-mode pneumatic molding machine, dual-mode mechanical automatic control molding machine and polishing machine. Disposable chopsticks are not simply rough. There are dryer types III and IV. chopsticks have high moisture content, no burr and no deformation, which is an important index for cooking and finishing

extended data:

precautions for the operation of disposable chopstick machine equipment:

1. First, before starting the chopstick machine equipment, be sure to check all important parts to see whether the parts of each part are fastened to prevent equipment failure

2. In the process of operation, if any equipment of the chopstick machine fails, it should be shut down immediately and checked by professionals. No parts can be removed without the permission of the manufacturer, and if the tool is replaced, it must be carried out when the machine is completely stopped

3. After the equipment is used, the wood chips or bamboo chips on the equipment shall be cleaned in time, and the bearing parts shall be filled with oil smoothly. If it is seriously worn, it shall be replaced in time

I want to buy one. I don’t know where to buy Alibaba. I can’t surf the Internet. I want the whole set of equipment.

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