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How many layers of Tetra Pak packaging? What are the specific materials? And the order?

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Tetra Pak packaging material consists of cardboard layer, polyethylene and aluminum foil. 6-layer composite structure of 3 substances

Tetra Pak is a composite material composed of three layers of materials:
(1) paperboard
the main raw material of all our packaging is paperboard. The amount of cardboard is just enough to ensure the firmness of the package and avoid unnecessary weight increase. Cardboard comes from wood and is a renewable raw material
(2) polyethylene
polyethylene coating is a common plastic used to seal liquids and protect products from external moisture
(3) aluminum
aluminum foil layer can protect the product from oxygen, smell and light. Food can be stored without refrigeration

Tetra Pak’s “brick bag” and “pillow bag” are common milk and beverage paper packaging. Their simple shape is not only not ugly, but also saves space. They are classic works of moderate packaging. At the “simple classics” exhibition at the Museum of modern art in New York in September 2004, Tetra Pak was known as the masterpiece of moderate packaging “full of design inspiration, making life simpler, more convenient and safer”. The small Tetra Pak bag embodies a lot of technology and wisdom. It is simple but not luxurious, which has brought great changes to our life. The high-quality milk in the northern prairie of China depends on Tetra Pak aseptic bags, which can be easily sent to thousands of households thousands of miles away.

Tetra Pak packaging itself is composed of aluminum foil, paper and PE layer. It can be bonded at an appropriate temperature in the process of treatment. It is firm and reliable after cooling. It can be used for many purposes, such as environmental protection trash can, fiberboard and so on. Now there is also stripping technology. For example, Zhejiang Fuyang has mastered this technology and reprocessed three substances in six layers. Tetra Pak is a six layer composite paper package, in which about 75% of the ingredients are high-quality long fiber pulp, which is undoubtedly a high-quality raw material for recycled paper.

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