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How many grams is the small cup (i.e. a cup) that foreigners use to measure flour when baking?

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1cup = 28.3495g

cup is the English word cup, which means “Cup” in many English speaking countries. Because one cup, two cups or several cups are often used to measure liquid, it is also a unit of measurement

the most commonly used 1cup conversion is as follows:

liquid: 1cup = 150ml

Others: 1cup = 8oz = 28.3495g

extended data:

the conversion of 1cup is also different according to different standards. The conversion under several standards is introduced below:

metric & nbsp; Cup (metric cup)

in the Commonwealth (such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Indian subcontinent, etc.), Latin America and Lebanon, a cup is usually defined as 250ml

1 cup & nbsp; =& nbsp; & nbsp; 250 & nbsp; Ml

= & nbsp& nbsp; 162⁄3 & nbsp; International tablespoon & nbsp; (15mL)

≈ & nbsp; 8.45 & nbsp; US standard ounces

United & nbsp; States customary Cup (American habitual cup)

American habitual cup is defined as half of U.S. pin

1 U.S. customary cup & nbsp; =& nbsp; & nbsp; 236.5882365 Ml & nbsp& nbsp;

≈ & nbsp; 152⁄3 & nbsp; International tablespoon & nbsp& nbsp;

≈ & nbsp; 0.833 & nbsp; English cup

≈ & nbsp& nbsp; 8.33 UK liquid ounces & nbsp

United States “legal” cup (American standard measuring cup)

the cup currently used for nutrition labeling in the United States is defined as 240 ml in U.S. law

1 U.S. “legal” cup & nbsp; =& nbsp; & nbsp; 240 & nbsp; Ml & nbsp& nbsp;

= & nbsp; 16 & nbsp; International tablespoon & nbsp& nbsp;

≈ & nbsp; 8.12 & nbsp; Us customary liquid ounces

≈ & nbsp& nbsp; 8.45 & nbsp; UK liquid ounces & nbsp& nbsp;

Japanese Cup (Japan cup)

Japan cup is currently defined as 200ml

1 Japanese cup & nbsp; =& nbsp; & nbsp; 200 & nbsp; Ml

≈ & nbsp& nbsp; 6.76 & nbsp; Us customary liquid ounces & nbsp

≈ & nbsp; 7.04 & nbsp; UK liquid ounces & nbsp& nbsp;

when foreigners bake, the amount of flour 1cup is equal to 28.3495 grams

In addition to the meaning of cup, cup is also a unit of measurement

liquid: 1cup = 150ml

Others: 1cup = 8oz = 28.3495g

extended data:

cup is in English. In addition to the meaning of cup, strictly speaking, it is not a legal international unit of measurement. But cup in many English speaking countries means “Cup”, that is, our ordinary drinking cup. They sometimes use one, two or several cups to measure liquid, so it is also a unit of measurement

baking material unit conversion

1cup is one cup.

big spoon is called table spoon in English

small spoon is called teaspoon in English

liquid: 1cup = 150ml

Others: 1cup = 8oz = 28.3495g

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia cup

the weight of cup is different according to different raw materials
the following is the weight of cup for weighing different kinds of flour:

1. High gluten flour: 1cup = 120g


milk powder: 1ccup = 100g

reference: Baidu knows: Baking Conversion of baking units

a cup in Australia and Canada is 250ml, the United States is 240ml and Japan is 200ml
you can buy a cup with a scale so that you can compare it with foreign prescriptions
the cup originally used by foreigners is not a measuring cup. In short, if he mentioned in the video that it is really called “Cup”, you can put a 240ml volume of flour. (note that it does not necessarily equal 240 grams!)

extended data

baking, also known as baking and baking, refers to the process of dehydrating, drying and hardening materials by means of dry heat under the ignition point of materials. Baking is an indispensable step in the production of bread and cake products. After a series of chemical changes such as gelatinization and protein denaturation of starch after baking, bread and cake can achieve the purpose of ripening. It can also change the taste of food

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia

1 cup = 8 ounces, 1 ounce = 28.350 grams, and the number of grams varies with the type of flour in the cup:

1& nbsp; All purpose flow: & nbsp
1 cup=130g;

2.& nbsp; Bread flow: & nbsp
1 cup=135g;

3.& nbsp; Whole wheat flour: & nbsp
1 cup=128g;

expansion data: History of ounces

the earliest is to drink different wines. Different wine glasses are selected, and the capacity of the cup is the most important. Ounces (English is ounce, abbreviated as oz) are used as the liquid volume unit of wine in history. The British and American system of units has this unit, which is slightly different. For example, the British system of 1 ounce is 28.41ml; Us made 1 ounce is 29.57ml. 16 ounces is equivalent to 1 pint (US made)

International System of units, the volume of wine set is expressed in milliliters. 30ml instead of 1 oz

the United States does not use the public system of measurement. A pound is about 454 grams, equivalent to 16 ounces. A pound is about the weight of a pint (less than 0.5 liters) of water, so there is the saying “a pint a pound, the world is like this”. A pint also contains 16 ounces, at least in the United States; In the British system, a pint is about 20 ounces, so this saying does not apply to the British unit, although the British liquid ounce is about 4% less than the American liquid ounce. So we use both liquid ounces and dry ounces to measure weight, and they are also different in British and American system weights

reference: Ounces – Baidu Encyclopedia

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