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How many domestic luggage exhibitions are there?

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How many domestic luggage exhibitions are there
when and where will the exhibition be held?

2014 domestic luggage exhibition, 2014 Shanghai luggage exhibition, 2014 China luggage exhibition, 2014 luggage leather exhibition, exhibition Name: blse 2014 11th Shanghai International luggage leather handbag exhibition time: May 16-18, 2014 Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall (No. 1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong, Shanghai) Organizer: Shanghai Leather Technology Association, Shanghai Textile Business Association

the 13th Shanghai International luggage, leather and handbag exhibition 2016, China’s largest luggage, leather and handbag exhibition, may 27-29, 2016, Shanghai World Trade mall exhibition hall (the whole hall) welcomes buyers to visit our booth!!

there will also be an exhibition in Wuhan Convention and Exhibition Center in August

2021 Shanghai International Smart logistics equipment exhibition | Shanghai Express Logistics Exhibition | Shanghai Transportation Packaging Exhibition | Shanghai smart warehouse distribution exhibition | Shanghai Logistics Exhibition | Shanghai Express exhibition
time: April 27-29, 2021 place: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall
held at the same time:
2021 Shanghai international express logistics Expo
2021 Shanghai International contactless distribution industry exhibition

Shanghai Express Delivery industry association
Shanghai storage and distribution industry association
Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
co organizer:
Jiangsu express Association
Zhejiang Express Industry Association
Anhui express Association
Shanghai Packaging Technology Association
Shanghai cold chain association
cast stone exhibition (Shanghai) Ltd.
exhibition background:
as the arterial system of the national economy, the logistics industry has developed rapidly under the market background of steady and rapid growth of China’s economy, and the total amount of social logistics has increased steadily. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the total cost of social logistics in China reached 4.6 trillion yuan in 2019, with a cumulative increase of 7.3%, showing an upward trend as a whole; Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the total cost of social logistics from January to April was 3.9 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 8.8%. From May to August, the operation of China’s logistics industry continued to improve, and the main indicators showed positive changes. The 2021 Shanghai International Smart logistics equipment and technology exhibition, hosted by Shanghai Express Industry Association and Shanghai storage and distribution industry association and undertaken by Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and cast stone exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will be grandly held in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall from April 27 to 29, 2021, With the exhibition tenet of “highlighting brand, developing and innovating, paying attention to practical results and strengthening service”, this conference will provide the exhibition and exchange stage of “high standard, high grade and high quality” for the majority of exhibitors with a brand-new concept by virtue of unique creativity, scientific and reasonable integrated communication and excellent service, so as to create the largest scale of Express warehousing and logistics industry, The most valuable and authoritative event. We look forward to your participation in this exhibition
contemporaneous activities to feel the pulse of market hot spots
· 5 industry forums · 2 industry events and activities · 3 buyer business matching · 200 industry celebrities gathering · 5000 industry participants
more than 10 high-quality contemporaneous forums and salons will be held in the same period of the exhibition to directly attack smart material flow, manufacturing linkage, logistics and express industry 4.0, air freight, sea rail intermodal transport Fresh supply chain, catering supply chain and other topics, analyze market hot spots, interpret practical cases, look forward to industrial trends, and create an ideological feast for Industry Exchange and sharing
Forum 1: 2021 express industry development and service Summit Forum (Shanghai)
forum 2: 2021 green packaging innovation forum
forum 3: 2021 E-commerce Marketing Summit
forum 4: 2021 cold chain transportation technology forum
forum 5: 2021 smart warehouse distribution and logistics service industry development Forum
1 Yangtze River Delta Express network selection and award
time: April 28, 2021 location: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall
2. National packaging creativity Grand Prix
time: April 28, 2021 location: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall
display content:
mechanical handling equipment:
crane, crane accessories, lifting equipment, combined lifting equipment, lifting platform Manned vertical lifting platform, industrial vehicle, forklift, accessories and accessories, car tail plate, loading and unloading platform and boarding bridge, continuous mechanical material handling equipment, monorail conveyor, continuous mechanical material handling equipment, accessory drive technical components (hydraulic and pneumatic), accessories of all mechanical material handling equipment, driverless transportation system, shelf access equipment, manual carrier Elevators, elevators, escalators, mobile platforms, railcars, elevators, etc
storage technology and workshop equipment:
storage system, shelf system, storage technology, factory equipment, workshop equipment, station appliance series, storage cage,
turnover box, pallet, material box, industrial door, cleaning system of warehouse and storage facilities, general storage supplies, etc
material handling technology, warehousing technology and logistics system:
integrated transportation system, logistics turnkey system, integrated supply chain management system, robot material handling system, etc.
internal material system and software
RFID, Internet of things, logistics software, logistics vehicle and operation management system, GPS /GIS technology and equipment, material flow and internal logistics computer management system Identification technology, automatic identification system, internal logistics sensor, application software and solutions for internal logistics and transportation logistics, internal logistics and transportation solutions divided by industry specialty, etc.
packaging and order picking equipment:
logistics conveying equipment, weighing equipment and measuring equipment, packer, winding machine, sealing machine, stacker Packaging and picking system
logistics transportation packaging materials:
containers, buffer gas column bags, filling bags, cold chain logistics boxes, liquid folding boxes, corrugated boxes, honeycomb paper products, turnover boxes, wooden boxes, plastic pallets, wooden pallets, container bags, buffer packaging, plastic woven bags, express bags, etc
logistics services and warehousing real estate:
third party logistics, cold chain logistics, bonded logistics, port logistics, engineering logistics, pharmaceutical logistics, automobile logistics, e-commerce logistics, freight forwarders, express services, road transportation, railway transportation, sea transportation, air freight, multimodal transportation enterprises, freight forwarders, logistics real estate developers, logistics parks (bases), Logistics distribution center, freight distribution base and highway port
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contact person: Liu Yangtian wechat (same wechat number)

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