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How long is the shelf life of nitrogen filled food sterilized at high temperature

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thirty days
nitrogen: the chemical formula is N2. Generally, it is a colorless and tasteless gas, and the density of nitrogen is generally lower than that of air. Nitrogen accounts for 78.12% (volume fraction) of the total atmosphere and is the main component of air. Under standard atmospheric pressure, when it is cooled to – 195.8 ℃, it becomes a colorless liquid. When it is cooled to – 209.8 ℃, the liquid nitrogen becomes a snow like solid. The chemical property of nitrogen is not active. It is difficult to react with other substances at room temperature, but it can change chemically with some substances under high temperature and high energy conditions to prepare new substances useful to human beings
although nitrogen is more than oxygen in the atmosphere, it is not active because of its nature, so people know the of nitrogen only after they know oxygen. But it was discovered before oxygen. Shortly after the British chemist black (j.1728-1799) discovered carbonic acid gas in 1775, he found that there was still a large amount of air left after charcoal was burned in the glass hood, that is, it was absorbed with caustic potassium solution. Later, his student D. Rutherford continued to experiment with animals. He put the mouse in a closed glass cover until he died and found that the volume of air in the glass cover decreased by 1 /10; If the volume of caustic solution continues to be reduced by 1 /11, the volume of caustic solution will continue to be absorbed. D. Rutherford found that when candles were burned in the air where mice could not live, they could still see weak candle light; After the candle goes out, put a small amount of phosphorus into it, and the phosphorus can still burn for a while. The effect is good for removing the auxiliary gas in the air. After studying the residual gas after phosphorus combustion, D. Rutherford found that this gas can not maintain life, has fire extinguishing properties, and is not soluble in caustic potassium, so it is named “turbid gas” or “toxic gas”. In the same year, Priestley conducted similar combustion experiments and found that 1 /5 of the air was changed into carbonic acid gas, and the gas absorbed with lime water did not support combustion or breathing. Because he and D. Rutherford believed in phlogiston theory, they called the remaining gas “air saturated with phlogiston”.

nitrogen is an inert gas. It plays a role in ensuring the quality of food by using the inert gas of nitrogen, which is not easy to react with oxygen and other substances. In fact, many inflatable packaging are not nitrogen filled packaging or inflatable packaging, although they look bulging. There is really air in it, but it is only air. It is the effect of automatic packaging machine packaging. Squeeze and retain the air in the packaging. Nitrogen filled packaging should meet many specific conditions, one is the purity of nitrogen, and the other is the high barrier performance of packaging. Generally, there is no problem that the shelf life of foods that are re inflated at high temperature is more than one year.

2 years

is there any change from nitrogen sterilization at high temperature?

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