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How long can vacuum packed rice be kept?

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how long can vacuum packed rice be stored

rice is a very good food. It can not only be made into rice, but also cook porridge. It is a food material that every family will buy. How to preserve rice has also become a topic of great concern. As we all know, generally speaking, in supermarkets. There are generally two kinds of rice: bulk rice and bagged rice. Although bulk rice is not packaged, it can freely choose the weight to buy. Compared with bulk rice, bagged rice can not choose the desired quantity, but the packaging of bagged rice is better, and most bagged rice is vacuum packaged, In fact, vacuum packed rice can not only prolong the shelf life of rice, but also retain the original flavor of rice. Therefore, when you just open the vacuum packed rice, you will feel very fragrant. Vacuum packed rice can generally be preserved for one to one and a half years. This time is very long, so you can buy more vacuum packaged rice

how to save rice

although vacuum rice is packaged in vacuum, and the rice can be stored for a long time without direct contact with the air, if the vacuum packaging is opened, the rice may become damp and deteriorate, so we must take reasonable measures to preserve this kind of rice, and the preservation of rice first is to pack the rice in a well sealed bag. Of course, Some soda bottles can also be used to preserve rice, which can also prevent excessive contact between rice and air

how to avoid insects in rice

in addition to the tide and deterioration of rice, rice will attract a lot of rice insects. Rice insects will eat the nutrients in big rice grains and make the taste of rice worse. If you want to make rice free from insects, you can add garlic, ginger slices or pepper to the rice. The taste of these ingredients can drive away the rice insects

the shelf life of vacuum rice is generally 12 to 18 months, but it should be noted that vacuum rice needs to be stored in a cool and dry environment, which is more conducive to the storage of rice and the safety of food.

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 if the vacuum rice has not been unpacked for three years, has not passed the shelf life and has not deteriorated, it should be edible. However, the vacuum rice that has been unpacked is not recommended to eat after three years

 generally, if it is vacuum packed rice, the storage time should not exceed one and a half years. Generally, the storage time of bagged rice should not exceed one year

 in most cases, rice can be eaten normally as long as the package is intact and there is no mildew, odor and discoloration after opening. However, if the time is too long, the moisture in the air will be affected by moisture through air oxidation, discoloration and mildew, which will not only affect the taste, but also lose some relevant nutrients and may produce harmful substances

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for almost a year or two, as long as the vacuum rice does not leak, there will be no organisms in it. Nothing will damage the rice and can be preserved for a long time.

if there is no air leakage, it can be stored for about one to two years. The shelf life of rice is still very long. If there is no air leakage in vacuum packaging, it can be stored for a long time.

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