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How do I keep the old book Dahongpao?

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I want to buy some old Dahongpao, but I don’t drink tea frequently. I want to know how to keep it.

keep it in a cool place. If it takes a long time, it’s best to seal it and put it in the refrigerator

Because tea has strong adsorption and is easy to absorb peculiar smell, and most of the aroma components of tea are formed through reprocessing, it is relatively unstable and easy to spread naturally or oxidize and deteriorate. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers use the following methods when storing unpacked tea:
(1) store in a drying oven: because the temperature of the drying oven is stable and isolated from the air, Store the tea in a drying oven without moisture or oxidation
(2) use refrigerator for storage: to maintain the freshness and aroma of tea, it is best to store it at low temperature, especially the delicate tea. It must be noted that the refrigerator for storing tea must be hygienic, clean and free of peculiar smell, and can not store anything other than tea
(3) storage with hot water bottle: clean the hot water bottle, pour the tea to be stored into the bottle, and plug it tightly for storage
(4) storage in cans: first, a small amount of tea is sub packed in small cans for easy access at any time, and the rest of the tea is sealed and stored in large cans. It is best not to use glass cans, porcelain cans, wooden boxes or medicine cans, because these appliances have the disadvantages of light transmission, moisture-proof and fragile. Suitable can materials for preservation are:
tin cans or iron cans: they are the most suitable materials with light tight function. Before packaging, the cans are padded with a layer of cotton paper or kraft paper, and the cans must be kept clean, dry and free of peculiar smell
sealed cans: the sealed cans sold on the market usually have light transmission. When using, it is best to wrap the tea in aluminum foil bags before putting it into the sealed cans. In addition, desiccant can be added to strengthen the function of moisture-proof
(5) what should we do if the tea leaves are damped and softened? The oven, microwave oven or frying pan can be used to remove the water in tea, but it must be noted that the oven, microwave oven and frying pan can not have peculiar smell and sundries, and the baking time also needs experience accumulation; In addition, we should wait until the tea is completely cooled and then packaged to avoid deterioration.

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