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How do containers fit into ton bags

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for pallets and binding, double-layer ones are also required


1) do not stand under the container bag during hoisting operation

2) please hang the lifting hook in the center of the sling or rope. Do not lift it obliquely, lift it on one side or pull it obliquely to collect and pack bags

3) do not rub, hang or collide with other articles during operation

4) do not pull the sling to the outside in reverse

5) when forklift is used for container bag operation, please do not make the fork contact or tie into the bag body to prevent puncturing the container bag

6) when handling in the workshop, try to use pallets to avoid hanging the container bag, shaking and handling at the same time

7) keep the container bag upright during loading, unloading and stacking

8) do not put the container bag upright

9) do not drag the container bag on the ground or concrete

10) when it is necessary to keep it outdoors, the container bag shall be placed on the shelf, and the container bag must be tightly covered with opaque shed cloth

11) after use, wrap the container bag with paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place

application scope of ton bag chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, plastic raw materials, food additives, feed additives, metallurgical powder, ore powder, refractory materials and other industries suitable for ton bag packaging

it’s really hard to pack tons of bags into containers. And double decker!

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