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How about Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the production and sales of various packaging products. Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly, has mature technology and production management experience, and has a huge production team of more than 500 employees. At present, the company is an industrial company with 20000 square meters of modern chemical plants and office buildings. It has a high-quality production and management technical team, which is in a leading position in the same industry
legal representative: Xia Heqing
date of establishment: August 12, 2000
registered capital: 5 million yuan
Industrial and commercial registration number:
enterprise type: limited liability company (sole proprietorship of natural person)
Company Address: xihouliu village, Xiong County

Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (wholly owned by natural persons) registered in Xiongxian County, Baoding City, Hebei Province on August 12, 2000. Its registered address is located in xihouliu village, Xiongxian county

the unified social credit code /registration number of Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co., Ltd. is Xia Heqing, the enterprise legal person. At present, the enterprise is in business

the business scope of Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co., Ltd. is: packaging and decoration printing, plastic bags, leather bags, luggage, leather and plastic, tape casting composite, PVC bags, non-woven bags, composite bags, woven bags, printing marks, weaving marks, packaging accessories, luggage raw materials, non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics for drip irrigation, waterproof and breathable film, air barrier film, breathing paper, reflective film, anti mite cloth, clothing lining Production and sales of composite non-woven fabrics, composite materials, non-woven products, waterproof and breathable membrane products and the import and export business of the above products (for projects that must be approved according to law, business activities can be carried out only with the approval of relevant departments). In Hebei Province, the total registered capital of companies with similar business scope is 3977.93 million yuan, and the main capital is concentrated in 928 enterprises with a scale of 10-50 million and 1-10 million. Within the province, the current registered capital of enterprises is good

check more information and information of Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co., Ltd. through Baidu enterprise credit

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