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How about light industry (printing and packaging) in Wuhan University?

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in fact, the undergraduate stage is mainly to choose schools, and Wuhan University is relatively good (of course, if there is a better choice.), If you want to know about this major, there are several ways: 1. Log in to Wuhan University Yinbao college to see his college profile and talent training plan; 2. Post in the post bar of Wuhan University to ask the senior brothers and sisters of the printing and Packaging Institute. Generally speaking, whuer is happy to help the newcomers; 3. Join the freshmen group of Wuhan University, where you can communicate with seniors, sisters and even counselors
as for the problem of professional transfer, each hospital has different conditions, and some hospitals will be relatively strict. However, if your freshman achievements are particularly outstanding (generally speaking, 85 + is no problem) and the hospital you want to go to agrees to accept you, it is not a big problem to transfer your major

I majored in this field. One year after graduation, packaging is the second and fifth industry, which is the subsidiary of others’ second industry. Printing can do typesetting. The salary of typesetters is not high, that is, 2000, and the technical content is not very high. You will learn these engineering subjects in the future. The final professional career planning is engineers, but it takes 4 or 5 years to become a printing or packaging engineer. You have to be patient, For example, the salary of some students who become regular in the second year of a better state-owned enterprise is your salary after three or four years. This major has not developed much in China. It is recommended not to be blindly optimistic,,,,, marginal small major,,,
this major is good in Hunan University of technology and Jiangnan University, and other schools are generally good

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