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How about green leaf vacuum packaging machine? Does it work?

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jzb-350 vacuum packaging machine has strong vacuum pumping capacity and heat sealing function. It is equipped with various plastic and aluminum foil bags. It can be used to package articles or foods that need to be preserved for a long time, and plays the role of mildew prevention, moisture-proof, oxidation prevention, pollution prevention, quality assurance and preservation. The product can seal all kinds of finished plastic bags, aluminum foil bags or self-made plastic bags. It can not only complete the packaging of finished bags with a bag width of less than 30cm at one time, but also complete the packaging of larger finished bags with a bag width of more than 30cm by sections. When in use, the vacuum pumping operation is carried out first. When the satisfactory effect is achieved, the machine will automatically enter the sealing operation while stopping the vacuum pumping operation. It works quickly and reliably. 1.2 market analysis: the consumption objects of this product can be divided into two categories. One is the vast number of household consumer users. Using this product can relieve the trivial things that are difficult to deal with, such as dehydration and deterioration of food stored in the refrigerator, mildew of seasonal clothes and leather shoes, smell of tea, yellowing of photos and so on, so as to improve the quality of life. The other is small or individual food processing, supermarket vegetable supply and other enterprises. Using this product can significantly improve the product quality and service quality, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the market with little investment, so as to improve the economic benefits. As mentioned above, the product has broad demand and broad market prospects. (according to the survey, the sales volume of LVYE brand vacuum packaging machines produced in Guangdong reached more than 4000 in Beijing alone in 1997.) 1.3 analysis of similar products: so far, there are only two similar products on the market. First, imported products from Germany have no obvious difference in performance and function from domestic products. They are beautiful in shape but expensive. The unit price of each set is about 1700 yuan. The other is the green leaf brand vacuum packaging machine produced in Guangdong, with a price of about 385 yuan. The shape is general and there are obvious deficiencies, such as the locking device is easy to be damaged. In the development process of jzb-350 vacuum packaging machine, we not only pay attention to the appearance design, but also improve the shortcomings of existing products. The price positioning does not break through the market price of domestic products. Therefore, it has strong market competitiveness. 2. Prediction of product life cycle and total output: 2.1 product life cycle: jzb-350 vacuum packaging machine is a new product of small household appliances. If it is predicted according to market demand and annual total production, the life cycle of the product is very long. Due to the rapid upgrading of small household appliances, it is generally only 45 years. In order to leave enough room for the plan, the life cycle of the product can be determined as 3 years. 2.2 prediction of total production: there are many factors that should be considered in determining the total production of jzb-350 vacuum packaging machine. Including the prediction of market demand and the formation of purchasing power in recent three years; Prediction of production capacity and market share of similar product manufacturers; There are many uncertain factors in the prediction of the production capacity and sales capacity of new enterprises. However, since such products have just been put on the market and the market is in the start-up stage, we can mainly analyze and predict the market purchasing power, the enterprise’s own production capacity and sales capacity. 2.2.1 basis of prediction since such products have been put on the market, the family purchase proportion can be selected as the parameter for analysis and prediction. The proportion of household purchase is calculated with reference to the sales volume in Beijing in 1997. In 1997, more than 4000 vacuum packaging machines were sold in Beijing, while there were about 2.5 million households in Beijing, and the purchase proportion of households was about 0.16%. This coefficient is the proportion of the market development period, and the sales method is limited to direct sales through TV. With the expansion of advertising coverage and the further deepening of advertising, as well as the development of various sales channels, entering the mature stage of the consumer market, this proportion coefficient is expected to increase by at least three times, that is, more than 0.5%. In order to prevent major mistakes in decision-making, we select the lowest limit proportion coefficient of 0.16% when analyzing various economic and technical indicators. Therefore, this scale factor can be recognized as a conservative scale factor. 2.2.2 sales volume forecast: first, we select several major cities to forecast the purchase potential. Beijing has a population of about 10 million, Shanghai has a population of about 12 million, Nanjing has a population of about 6.5 million, Tianjin has a population of about 9 million, Wuhan has a population of about 9 million and Chongqing has a population of about 11 million. The above six cities have a total population of about 57 million and 16 million households. According to the conservative proportion coefficient of 0.16%, the annual sales volume can reach more than 25000 units. Therefore, even those enterprises that have not established a sales network in China can achieve the above objectives as long as they are able to carry out strong sales work in 812 large and medium-sized cities. If the production receiving enterprises have established sales networks in more cities, their sales volume can also increase significantly. Secondly, as a sales strategy, we can start from the south to the north. There is a mildew and rain season in the south, so there is a broader and urgent demand for this product. The economic development in the south is earlier and faster, and the living standard is higher. Acceptance of this product will also be faster. In addition, the sales method may not be limited to TV direct sales. (the existing products are sold through TV direct sales.) For example, through the sales of many shopping malls, the products can contact the people in a wider range, and increase the publicity, which can improve the estimated sales volume. a. Ex factory wholesale price: 280 yuan /set; (including the settlement price of TV direct selling and local operation agents) B. the commission price of shopping malls: 310 yuan /set; (the average price increase of 20% in the mall is the retail price of goods) C. market retail price: 380 yuan /set; Address: College of technology, North University of technology, Shijingshan, Beijing 100041 Tel: (010) contact person: Yan Degang

it’s very good. It’s beautiful and doesn’t occupy any space. It’s also convenient to use and easy to operate

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 practical and convenient. The vacuum packaging machine is very good. It has been in use all the time. I haven't had time to evaluate it. I also bought packaging bags. The quality is super good. Practical and convenient 

 things are still very good. I thought the machine was very large. After receiving the express, I found that the machine is small and light, easy to operate and does not occupy a place. It is a very suitable small household appliance 

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 How about the quality of Qingye brand household vacuum packaging machine


 the quality is very good
and the cost performance is high 


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 generally if you use it properly 

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