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Friends who know bird’s nest can take a look! How much is this gift box?? Very anxious…

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How much is this gift box? Give me an idea!

from a professional perspective, this gift box is not worth a dime. Because the bird’s nest is divided into Yan Zhan, Yan Tiao, Yan broken, Yan cake, Yan Jiao, Yan net, etc., the quality of the bird’s nest is divided into six indicators: origin, hair, integrity, cleaning quality, taste and moisture content. Therefore, the nutritious bird’s nest is Yan Zhan and Yan Tiao. The difference is that the bird’s nest is broken, and the subsequent bird’s nest has no nutritional value. The bird’s nest is an assembly line project. For example, the bird’s nest made into a gift box will not be made into a gift box with a good bird’s nest. Moreover, the bird’s nest is stewed for a week and must be eaten, because the bird’s nest is a water-soluble protein and easy to breed bacteria. If it is made into a gift box, preservatives must be added, Imagine what nutrition the bird’s nest can have if it has no nutritional value after adding preservatives! So here I also tell you not to buy finished bird’s nest for a cheap price. You can buy dry goods and stew yourself at home! But when buying dry goods, we should also pay attention to the difference between true and false bird’s nests!

the bird’s nest is exclusive. When you are free, this gift box is worthless. It is filled with rock sugar water. There are only a few bird’s nests. Each bottle contains less than 1G of dry goods and has little nutritional value. If you want to absorb them well, you can eat the stewed bird’s nest. There is a shop that provides the service of stewed bird’s nest and delivers them to the door free of charge. There are also dry goods in the shop. I eat the stewed bird’s nest there. It tastes much better than the bottled bird’s nest. I also send dessert and porridge! The most important thing is that the service of this store is still very good! Store name: Yan ZiZhai, Yan Yi, search online for reference!!

a bottle of bird’s nest is about 35 yuan

the bird’s nest on the market can be divided into three kinds of packaging: concentrated bird’s nest ready to eat in cans, bottled bird’s nest ready to eat and whole dry bird’s nest
1. Concentrated bird’s nest is usually canned from inferior bird’s nest raw materials after chemical treatment. The bird’s nest after chemical treatment is denatured and must be stewed for a long time to restore its taste and volatilize chemical agents. Consumers can see through the transparent glass bottle that the bird’s nest in the bottle is thick and opaque. The real concentrated bird’s nest should be translucent, and the bird’s nest in the bottle can be seen only under light
2. The retail price of instant bird’s nest ranges from about a few yuan a bottle to more than 100 yuan a bottle. For this price difference, many consumers who do not know the truth have questions. The mystery lies in whether the bird’s nest brand clearly marks the content of bird’s nest or the content of “solids”. “Solids” are not necessarily bird’s nests. When consumers clarify this concept, they know the reasons why the prices of instant bird’s nests vary greatly
3. Whole dry bird’s Nest: dry bird’s nest should be selected with low moisture content. The higher the extrusion elasticity of both hands, it is not good, which means higher humidity. If the water content of the bird’s nest is high, the weight of the bird’s nest will increase. The bird’s nest is priced in grams, and illegal businesses will make huge profits by increasing the water content. For bird’s nests with low moisture content and without adding any false substances, the weight range of a single bird’s nest shall be 3.4 ~ 8g. Whether the bird’s nest is in bulk or packaged in gift box, when the weight of a single bird’s nest exceeds 8g, consumers need to choose carefully.

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