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Excuse me, where can I wholesale the packaged dishes that only need to be heated in the microwave oven.

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copied by Du Niang: <1> chocolate truffle ball (with wine) material: 20g milk, 80g fresh cream, 80g sugar free original chocolate blocks (powder can also be used if you can’t buy blocks) 250g wine (your favorite wine) 50g ~ 60g chocolate on the surface (using dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, different colors can be made into beautiful decorations. For example, by putting melted chocolate in a small bag, you can draw lines or patterns on the chocolate ball.) A few practices for other decorations (such as broken walnuts and nuts): 1) boil the fresh cream and milk and add chopped chocolate (it’s best to heat the chocolate with water to prevent it from scorching). 2) Melt the chocolate and mix well. Cool it. Add wine and mix well. 3) Divide the chocolate into small pieces with a spoon and put them on wax paper (wax paper can be bought at the material line selling Western pastries. If not, aluminum tissue can be used instead). Ice it to the freezer for a while. 4) After it becomes hard, take it out and rub it into a small round ball. 5) The chocolate used on the surface is chopped up and heated in water to dissolve. 6) Put the chocolate in the small ball, wrap it with a layer of chocolate and let it cool and solidify. 7) Then sprinkle crushed walnuts on the surface for decoration 2> chestnut Chocolate Ball Material: chestnut 500g cream, 1 tablespoon sugar, 80g fresh cream, 4 tablespoons vanilla essence, 1 tablespoon chocolate, 100g cream, 30g other decorative surface materials: 1) chestnut cooked, boiled soft, drained, peeled and pressed into paste. 2) Boil the cream over low heat, add chestnuts and mix well quickly, and then add sugar to mix well. 3) After the sugar is completely dissolved, add fresh cream and vanilla essence. 4) Heat in water, add chopped chocolate and 30 g cream to dissolve. 5) The prepared chocolate paste can be made into your favorite shape, or pour the chocolate paste into the commercial model to cool. Remarks: ※ chestnuts can be replaced by 170 ~ 200g chestnut sauce, or other materials. ※ When making chocolate, temperature control is very important. It is best to keep it at about 50 ~ 60 degrees Celsius. The water heated by water does not have to be boiled. ※ Decorated with chocolate nuts or chocolate powder, which can be sprinkled with chocolate powder. Materials: 75ml fresh cream, 65ml salt free butter and 160g dark chocolate. Method: Step 1 First put the dark chocolate in the pot and boil it in water. Second step 2 Boil butter in water and dissolve it. Pour it into chocolate and stir well. Step 3 Pour in fresh cream and mix well. Step 4 Pour the chocolate paste into the mold and put it in the refrigerator overnight. Step 5 5 Pour out the slurry after condensation. If it is a large mold, you can cut it into small pieces with a knife. Step 6 Finally, pour chocolate powder or various crushed nuts to decorate. DIY Tips cost: about 20 yuan for 250ml fresh cream, about 10 yuan for butter, and about 30 yuan for dark chocolate if it is packaged in a small row, with a total cost of about 70 yuan; Purchase matters: be sure to recognize the words “no salt” on the butter package; It is recommended to go to a special store such as the baking warehouse in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong to buy materials. There are more choices; Note: you can add any food material you like to the chocolate paste. You can add wine, coconut sugar, dried fruit or nut kernels. The shape is also changeable. You can also add some decorative elements. You can not only sprinkle cocoa powder, nut kernels and coconut silk, or pour a crisp chocolate shell on it to make it look more expensive and achieve a unique handmade work. This is the most fun of DIY. The simplest DIY chocolate steps: 1 Cut into pieces. Break up the chocolate raw material (solid, which can be purchased in the supermarket). The whole chocolate can vary in taste and taste. 2. Dissolution

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