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Does packaging design belong to graphic design?

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belongs to Because the package is flat when printed

“packaging design is not a general graphic design.” This was originally an issue that did not need to be debated. However, at present, some professors and some professionals engaged in packaging design in domestic colleges and departments of fine arts and design speak out that packaging is graphic design in theory, emphasizing that packaging belongs to the category of graphic design. Packaging design teaching and packaging design evaluation are carried out with the concept of graphic design. Even some Provincial packaging technology associations have changed the original “packaging design committee” to “Graphic Design Committee”, Lead packaging design to the wrong path of simply pursuing graphic visual art design. This one-sided misleading in theory and behavior has caused confusion in the understanding of packaging design among some young teachers, designers and students majoring in art design, which has a direct impact on the healthy and orderly development of packaging design work and packaging design education. Therefore, this paper intends to discuss the conceptual similarities and differences between packaging design and graphic design.

packaging design belongs to graphic design, but because a good packaging design can improve sales, that is, packaging design is directly related to product sales, so it has its particularity

its particularity is that it has many branches. Any high profit industry will reflect a packaging design industry
for example, we specialize in drug packaging design, and drug packaging has two high profits, health care products and nutrition products
then we specialize in tobacco and alcohol packaging design
specialty packaging design
moon cake packaging design, etc.

there are many more, because high profit products have sufficient profits to feed a design industry
another feature of packaging design is that it also needs a certain process design literacy. I call process design, It’s the printing process, such as card printing, embossing, UV, spot color, embossing…. wait

it must belong to.

Graphic design is an art design major. Art design majors include graphic design, environmental art design, computer art design, decoration art design, industrial design (Art), animation, fashion design, display design, network art, three-dimensional animation, video design, audio art and interactive media design.

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