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Difference between training fee and conference fee

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Our company has employees to participate in a fire training, but the invoice issued back is the conference fee. Which subject should be included in?

I The disbursed scope of enterprise staff education and training funds includes:
1. Induction and job transfer training
2. Various job adaptability training
3. On the job training, vocational and technical level training and high skilled personnel training
4. Continuing education for professional and technical personnel
5. Training of special operators
6. Expenses for employee outward training organized by the enterprise
7. Expenses for professional skill appraisal and professional qualification certification of employees
8. Purchase teaching equipment and facilities
9. Reward fees for self-taught talents of employees
10. Staff education and training management expenses
11. Other expenses related to employee education
II As for conference fees, the new law does not specify the original vouchers required for the deduction of conference fees. According to the original provisions, according to the provisions of Guo Shui Fa [2000] No. 84 document, the supporting materials of conference fees should include: meeting time, place, attendees, content, purpose, expense standard, payment voucher, etc
it is generally believed that the meeting time needs the proof of meeting notice, the attendants need the proof of sign in form, the content needs the proof of meeting minutes, and the payment voucher needs the proof of invoice.

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