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Classification of several materials of plastic bags

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1. PE material: it is also divided into high-pressure material (LDPE) and low-pressure material (HDPE)
high pressure material looks smooth, feels soft and has good toughness. Many handbags are made of high-pressure materials, and the outer packaging of many products is made of high-pressure materials. There are also packaging bags with large specifications for industrial purposes
low pressure materials have good tensile force and high hardness, and are widely used in shopping malls and various purchase markets. Most supermarket vest bags are made of low-pressure materials
2. PP material: the material body is hard, but the transparency is relatively high and clear. The tension is not very good and the mouth is explosive. Most of them are used for gift packaging and finished clothing sales. PP plastic bag is very transparent and feels very slippery, but it is hard, loud and brittle. If you fold it in half, there will be creases, but if you fold PE plastic bag, there will be no creases. Because of good transparency, it looks high-grade when packaging gifts
3. OPP material: the material is the most brittle, the most transparent, the tension is not enough, but the most explosive, and the printing is the easiest to decolorize. If there is no gap, it is difficult to tear, but if there is a gap, it can be torn without any force.

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