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Category of composite packaging materials

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films produced by single-layer LDPE or blending LDPE with other resins have single performance and can not meet the packaging requirements of modern article development. Therefore, the comprehensive performance of coextrusion films produced by coextrusion film blowing or coextrusion tape casting equipment is improved. For example, the mechanical strength, heat sealing performance, heat sealing temperature, barrier, opening and pollution resistance of the membrane are improved, and its processing cost is reduced, which is widely used. Such as hot melt adhesive film of H-layer coextrusion blown film: PE /hm, cable film PE /EAA, low temperature heat sealing film of mLLDPE, cover film of EVA, antistatic film and smooth film. Coextrusion CPP of H-layer coextrusion casting, unmodified PP /heat sealable PP, etc. Three layer and five layer nylon coextrusion membrane, five layer and seven layer EVOH and PVDC high resistance diaphragm are also developing and widely used
the development of inner film of composite flexible packaging materials, from the extensive use of LDPE, LLDPE, CPP, mLLDPE and coextrusion film, has basically realized the functionalization and personalization of packaging, and met the quality assurance, processing performance, transportation and storage conditions of packaging contents. With the continuous introduction of new materials and the improvement of inner film production technology and equipment, the inner film of composite flexible packaging materials will develop rapidly and promote the development of food. With the progress of society and the continuous growth of human demand, various functional and environmental friendly packaging films continue to appear. For example, water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol film with environmental protection, safety, complete degradation and good heat sealing performance is also being developed as an inner film in addition to being used as a single-layer packaging material

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