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Can machinery do foreign trade

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1. The foreign trade salesman is responsible for receiving orders, that is to say, the salesman should be responsible for developing customers online, negotiating with customers, making quotations, and then receiving orders. The foreign trade merchandiser is to deal with the work generated by the foreign trade salesman after receiving the order, such as arranging production, making documents, contacting the freight forwarder, etc.
2 Your English has passed CET-6, and your oral English is good. It’s enough to do foreign trade. Besides, you major in machinery. If you do foreign trade of mechanical products, you have great advantages, because the understanding of products is actually more important than your English level, and your appearance doesn’t matter. If you can take orders, the boss will dislike you
3. If you go to the coastal areas or Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there will be more foreign trade work in these places. It depends on your efforts and opportunities. I wish you success and come on.

1. There is a specialty in foreign trade, and foreign trade merchandisers belong to the professional category of “logistics”
2. General foreign trade requires a little work experience, and there is no limit to general majors. Image, don’t be long enough to make people feel sick, but people must have spirit, openness and affinity
3. Looking for a job depends on opportunities. There are many multinational corporations, so it should not be difficult
PS: it doesn’t matter if your English is not good now, and you know it clearly in your mind. It depends on your later exercise.

1 the salesman is specialized in receiving orders, making potential customers place orders through various channels and means, and maintaining old customers. The merchandiser deals with signed orders, including production scheduling, tracking production, space booking, delivery, etc
2 major doesn’t matter. You should have no problem passing CET-6. As for the image, I agree with hhtoyang
3 at present, foreign trade is in the doldrums, but many companies take advantage of it to reserve talents, so there are still opportunities
it is suggested that if you want to do foreign trade, do your professional direction, which can become your advantage in the future.

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