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Can Dahongpao be stored for a long time?

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Dahongpao grows in the rock crevices of Wuyi Mountain, with beautiful environment and fertile land. At the same time, because the fermentation degree of Dahongpao is not very high, the shelf life of Dahongpao is not very long. How long can it be preserved? It needs to be seen according to the actual situation, as follows

the shelf life of Dahongpao

If Dahongpao is packaged, the shelf life is subject to the date on the package, which is generally more than one year. If it is tightly packed, it can be up to 4 to 5 years

storage method
1. Iron can storage method

before storage, pay attention to check whether the sealing of the iron can is complete, and ensure that the iron can is tight during storage, so as to achieve perfect storage. During storage, a small amount of tea can be sub packed in small cans for easy access at any time, and the rest of the tea can be sealed and stored in large cans

2. Hot water bottle storage method

Dahongpao is relatively novel when stored in hot water bottle, but it can achieve good results. Clean up the thermos bottle, put the Dahongpao into the thermos bottle, and try to reduce the air retention in the bottle. In particular, pay attention to the cork plug at the bottle mouth, apply white wax on the plug edge, and then wrap it with adhesive tape

3. Ceramic tank storage method

after ensuring that the ceramic tank is clean, wrap the Dahongpao with kraft paper, place a lime bag in the tank, and improve it with cotton bag after filling it. It should be noted that the lime should be replaced once every 1-2 months. This method mainly applies the water absorption and moisture absorption of lime, which can achieve good preservation effect for a long time. Note: it is better not to use glass cans, porcelain cans, wooden boxes or medicine cans for the preservation of Dahongpao, because these appliances have the disadvantages of light transmission, moisture-proof and fragile

4. Low temperature storage method

in most cases, in daily families, we generally say that vegetables, fruits and other foods that are not eaten are placed in the refrigerator and stored. Tea, as a kind of food, can also be stored in the refrigerator. Put Dahongpao into the refrigerator after sealing and packaging, because we know that there is water vapor and peculiar smell in the refrigerator. If it is not well preserved, it will make the tea taste bad. In addition, try to adjust the temperature to about 5 degrees Celsius, so as to ensure that Dahongpao can be stored for more than one year. However, it is suggested that the storage time should not be too long. It is best to drink the tea within one or two months, so as not to affect the taste of Dahongpao

how to extend the shelf life of Dahongpao

1. Understand the nature of Wuyi tea

Wuyi rock tea is divided into light flavor tea and strong flavor tea. Light flavor tea is not suitable for long-term storage, while strong flavor tea is suitable for long-term storage. Light flavor tea has light fermentation and low fire power. The aroma is easy to spread and tasteless for a long time; Luzhou flavor tea, on the contrary, has heavy fermentation and sufficient fire power. It often needs to be stored for one year before it can be eaten. After storage for a long time, it will precipitate the aroma

2. Select the packaging bag

Wuyi rock tea sold in the market. Generally, the weight of tea is between 3-5g, and most of them are packed in plastic bags. It seems very convenient to take one bag every time you drink tea, but this is not a good way to store Wuyi rock tea

Wuyi rock tea is best packed in tin bags or kraft paper bags with tin layers. The amount should not be too much, about 100g. Squeeze and compact the tea as much as possible and store it in wooden, iron and tin containers

3. Selection of storage

Wuyi rock tea is also very exquisite. At the beginning, if Wuyi Mountain daffodil Dahongpao rock tea is tender, it is better to choose a place away from light, moisture, ventilation and peculiar smell. The tea set has strong adsorption. It is recommended to choose a stainless steel tea bucket or ceramic vessel specially for Wuyi rock tea

to sum up, as a high-quality famous tea, the shelf life of Dahongpao tea is not very long, so it is suggested that you should keep it reasonably when you save it. The most important thing is to drink it within the shelf life to avoid waste!

the shelf life of rock tea dahongpo is 3-5 years. It can be put a little, but it cannot be collected for a long time like white tea and Pu’er. The shelf life of tea is conceptually closer to the “best drinking period”, that is, within the shelf life time range given by the merchant and well preserved, the aroma, taste and taste of this tea will be in the peak period
after the shelf life, the tea flavor will gradually decline with the continuous oxidation of tea. Take rock tea for example. The flavor of rock tea comes from the unique baking process, but once it is placed for a long time, the rock tea may also fade, resulting in a much worse flavor
at present, there are some well preserved old rock tea on the market, which is famous for its excellent mellow feeling. But the problem is that there is a mellow feeling. The aroma and taste of old rock tea are not as good as those within the shelf life. Most tea friends are difficult to accept. Only some old tea lovers who have been drinking tea for many years have a special preference for old rock tea
furthermore, the preservation of tea is not a simple matter. If you are not careful, it may go bad. Therefore, for rock tea, it is better to finish drinking within the shelf life, which is not suitable for long-term collection
reference source: Xiaochen tea

Dahongpao can be stored all year round. It must be sealed and stored, and it is best to put it in a frozen cold storage.

generally speaking, the shelf life of packaged Dahongpao is subject to the date on the package, which is generally more than one year. If the package is strict, it can be put for 4 to 5 years at most. There is no need to pay too much attention to the preservation method. Seal it (the packaging materials should be environmentally friendly and free of miscellaneous smell), and then avoid light and put it in a place without peculiar smell. If Dahongpao is air sealed, the shelf life is long-term, that is, it can be stored indefinitely under constant temperature. After one year, the taste will be slightly different. The taste is slightly clear and mellow

as long as the measures of preventing insects, moisture, mildew and sealing are taken, they can be stored for a long time
except for green tea, other teas can be stored for a long time as they are properly preserved

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